Construction and Craft Recipes in Sons of the Forest: Unlock the Power of Survival

Rock Path.

  • Place the rocks on the ground.


  • Place the sticks on the ground.


  • 2 wooden logs.

Nasty shelves.

  • 2 sticks and also 1 log.

Clothes dryer.

  • 13 sticks.


  • 20 sticks as well as 5 sticky tape.

storage of publications.

  • 8 sticks.

storage space of bones.

  • 7 sticks.

storage of sticks.

  • 6 sticks.

storage of rocks.

  • 7 sticks.


  • 2 wooden logs.


  • 3 wood logs.

The wall surface torch.

  • 1 fabric as well as 1 stick.

Ceiling lamp with a skull.

  • 1x skull and also 1x rope.

of Bone chair.

  • 15 bones and 1 skull.

Costa light fixture.

  • 19 bones and 9 skulls.


  • 14 sticks.

stick bed.

  • 14 sticks.

Just how to construct in Sons of the Forest.

Construction in Kids of the Forest is available in 2 modes, among which is comparable to the previous video game, as well as the other is extra reasonable.
The initial is less complex and also more clear.
All you need to do is open the guide by clicking B, and also holding X to change the settings.
After you have picked the ideal component of the structure, you can turn it with Q and R, cancel it with R or area it by clicking with the left computer mouse switch.
In some structures, it may appear that logs need to be halved, however this is not needed.

Exactly how to construct totally free in Sons of the Forest.

The second setting, readily available in Kids of the Woodland, takes a free as well as reasonable shape, allowing players to develop without any kind of illustrations.
Construction is accomplished by putting objects from your hands in the best area, a scheme will certainly show up on the ground.
In the manual, by pushing B, you will obtain a step-by-step guide for all dishes available in the video game.
An example of this form of structure:.
Put one log on the ground.
Location the second log at the end of the first at an angle of 90 degrees.
Repeat till you obtain a vacant square.
Cut the logs along in fifty percent to get wood boards.
Area wood boards in a vacant place.
For more information about the sons of the forest, see exactly how terrible the boys of the forest are?
In expert video game guidelines.

Boys of the Forest, being a game of survival, largely depends upon craft.
Craft recipes are exposed as players find drawings as well as materials, which makes complex the research study of recipes.
To create you will certainly need to incorporate objects in your supply to ensure that you can get tools as well as tools.
For assembly, you have 2 alternatives, you can include your drawings, or you can build completely free.
We created this management to reveal you all the craft recipes in Boys of the Woodland

Total Craft as well as Construction Overview for Sons of the Forest

all craft dishes in Kids of the Woodland.


  • 1x stick as well as 1x fabric
  • Touch that can be set fire to the affixed lighter.

Webcam arrowhead

  • 4x little rock, 2x stick as well as 2x plume
  • Ammo for bows.

device for fixing

  • 1 stick, 1 rope as well as 1 stone
  • A tool for repairing gamer structures.


  • 1 bottle of vodka and 1 material
  • Throwing gunshot covering.

leafy armor

  • 10 leaves and 1 fabric
  • Defensive shield with low defense.

Hide armor

  • 2x skins and 1x textile
  • Defensive armor of medium defense.

Bone shield

  • 4x bone, 1x rope, 1x glue tape
  • Defensive armor of tool defense.

Technical armor

  • 1x technological grid, 1x cord, 1x published circuit board, 1x glue tape as well as 1x battery
  • Protective shield with a high degree of security.

Mix Wellness

  • 1x yarrow and 1x aloe vera
  • Consumable material recovering a percentage of health.

Wellness Mix+.

  • 1x Aloe Vera, 1x horsetail as well as 1x Cyprus.
  • Palatable product recovering a huge amount of health and wellness.

made spear.

  • 2 sticks, 1 universal knife and also 1 sticky tape.
  • Far-action tools that can be tossed.


  • 1 stick, 1 rope and 1 skull.
  • Crushing weapons of near-fight.

made onions.

  • 2 sticks, 1 rope and also 1 sticky tape.
  • Much battle tools using rock arrows as ammo.

K tinned products.

  • 1 obscure canned food and 1 tinned knife.
  • A great source of food.

koshachy food.

  • 1x undiscovered cat food and 1x canine knife.
  • Not one of the most scrumptious resource of food.


  • 1x power saw and 1x battery.
  • Fresh batteries in your power saw.


  • 1x flashlight and also 1x battery.
  • Fresh batteries in your flashlight.

Time bomb.

  • 1 brick C4, 1 watch, 1 wire, 1 sticky tape, 5 coins and also 1 published circuit board.
  • A high-explosive eruptive device.

Exactly how to crash in Kids of the Forest.

First you need a craft:.
Click I to open the supply.
Select the things that you wish to develop by clicking the appropriate mouse button.
Click the gear icon with the right mouse switch.
Not all utilized products will be invested when you develop the tool with a clerical blade, the thing will go back to your stock.

All construction recipes in Boys of the Forest.


  • 1x tarpaulin and 2x sticks.

The fundamental fire.

  • Break 1 stick as well as light the fire.

Reinforced Fire.

  • Basic fire with stones around.

Constant Fire.

  • A couple of sticks covered in fabric.

Skull light.

  • 1 stick, 1 fabric and 1 head.


  • Cut the logs with an ax.

stick structures.

  • Location the stick in the ground and also add the head.

Improved Tell Building And Construction.

  • The typical structure of a stick with stones around.


  • 2 vertical as well as horizontal sticks beside each various other.


  • Location the visit the ground in the kind of square as well as add more logs inside.


  • Make the wall surface, leaving an area in the center for the upright placement of logs.

Home window.

  • Get rid of visit the wall to produce a home window.

the only step.

  • Build the floor and board alongside it.

ramps and stairways.

  • Place two logs up and down in the ground, put two more logs down as well as utilize boards to make the actions.

trap for small pets.

  • 14 sticks.

Hunting Sanctuary.

  • 5 logs, 6 sticks and also 7 stones.

Little log hut.

  • 75 wood logs.

Sanctuary on a tree 1.

  • 70 wood logs and 1 rope.

Shelter on a tree 2.

  • 96 wooden logs.

System of a tree 1.

  • 7 wood logs and also 1 rope.

Platform of a tree 2.

  • 35 wood logs as well as 1 rope.

slide to.

  • Publications 53x.

ONTO Tower.

  • 60 logs and also 1 rope.

Hostel catch.

  • 2 sticks, 3 rocks, 3 sheets, 1 rope and also 1 container of vodka.


  • 10 sticks, 3 rocks and also 1 rope.

Permanent Plantation.

  • 18 sticks.

wall surface planter.

  • 16 sticks.

House of Birds.

  • 18 sticks.


  • 14 sticks and 4 glue tape.