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Snowstorm Entertainment is currently preparing whatever for the magazine of the comprehensive upgrade 10.0.7 of Wow: Dragonflies.
The patch has gotten on the PTR web server for a long time, where followers can take a closer consider it.
What precisely can you expect as part of the upgrade?
We introduce you to some highlights.

Return to the forbidden island

With the launch of the update 10.0.7 for Wow (Purchase now): Dragon Trip return characters of optimum level 70 to the prohibited island.
A lot more exactly, they are on the Morquitinsel, where they will discover more concerning the past of the Rather.
Countless mission givers and sellers are ready to offer you with brand-new tasks as well as items.
You can also explore the vault of SKEMA, where the heroes have to deal with hazardous opponents and also resolve puzzles.
As an incentive, useful prizes that make up for the huge effort are compensated.

new event, dragon race and also more

The friends of dragon riding at the update 10.0.7 likewise get their money’s worth.
An overall of six new races are available with the publication of the spot that not only call up your abilities as a biker, yet are likewise peppered with some risks.
The brand-new occasion called Megastar additionally appears interesting: You need to finish so-called tornado events, in which you will handle burst towers.
However, the effort is beneficial, due to the fact that in return you obtain improved devices.
Additionally, Snowstorm Amusement introduces 2 new shields with the upgrade 10.0.7, which are intended for individuals and also orcs.


The representatives of the goblins, light-forged Drained and Worsen might in future take the path of the monk as well as some courses obtain a modification.
The focus is particularly on the revenge palatine.

When does the update show up 10.0.7?

Far, Blizzard Home entertainment has not revealed a details launch day for the update 10.0.7 of Globe of Warcraft: Dragonflies.
Considering that the patch has actually been on the PTR web server for some time, the publication needs to not be long in coming.
It is therefore rather imaginable that even during this month he will find the method to the live web servers.

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