Throw a Loyal Commander on the Floor and Complete Duel Feats in Hogwarts Legacy

Players can complete several duel feats when they face all kinds of enemies at Hogwarts Legacy.
Some combat challenges are easy to understand, such as finishing a battle within a certain period of time, but others can be a headache.
If you are wondering how to hit a loyal commander who jumps at Hogwarts Legacies Guide can help him achieve it easily.

How to Complete Slam to Leaping Loyalist Commander to the Ground Dueling Feat at Hogwarts Legacy

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There are two main attacks that a loyal commander will use at Hogwarts Legacy.
The first attack will make an AOE magical blow that you should avoid, but what you are looking for is its second movement, where the elf will jump closer and try to attack you with a blow over the head.
To complete the mourning feat, you must first block the initial attack with a protocol spell.
Then, the Loyal Commander will continue with another blow, but this time the game will ask you to avoid it.
When this occurs, it must remain firm and launch descending on the goblin that jumped, causing it to crash against the ground.
When you receive this feat of grieving, there is a high probability that several goblins are surrounded by you to become pulp.
It may be better to eliminate other enemies first and leave the Loyal Commander for later.
After that, you can complete the challenge without being harassed by attacks everywhere.


So you have it there.
That is all you need to know how to hit a loyal commander to the ground that jumps in Hogwarts Legacy.
If you need more help with other mourning feats, you can check our other articles related to the game below.
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