Netflixs New Standards: How Consumers Could Face More Problems Than Expected

As already known, Netflix is going through a series decisions that for many of its customers are questionable, since the prices of their service are increasingly uploading and implementing restrictions.
And one that was the drop that spilled the glass, was not to share accounts, otherwise, an additional rate will have to be paid.
For now, it seems that the great streaming company will not turn back, and that could bring another big problem for users.
And that is for those who use VPN issues.
A way of being able to see content of other countries, since not in all regions of the world the same material is available.

As already said, the way in which the account will be given is by detecting its location, this thanks to the IP that will be the same to connect on all the devices in the same house.
However, the VPN changes location to give users privacy, so they will have to make a thousand juggles to request the security code.


This code is one available for 7 days so that it can be accessed from another location, but apparently, to request a new one you will have to return to verify the account at the registered address.
So, users who work on business trips will suffer from running out of content for returning from time to time to the registered location.
It is a fact that Netflix could have problems in the long run because of its decision not to share keys.
Via: Netflix
Editor’s note: It is known very well that this decision to avoid sharing is because it generates more subscriptions, but far from this, some are likely to lose.
We will see if this turns out or if they are going to have to take back.