Expert Makes Frightening Discovery: Windows 11 Worse Than Expected for Data Protectionists

For numerous data protectionists, Windows has long been a thorn in the side.
The popular operating system gathers a lot of information and sends it directly to Microsoft.
A security professional has actually now found that Windows 11 does not just preserve a dynamic exchange with Microsoft-and that is stressing.

information octopus Windows 11: Experts shows who your data land everywhere at

It has actually long been no longer a trick that Windows is gathering a great deal of user data through its integrated telemetry component and transfers it to Microsoft.
How far Microsoft now operates in Windows-11 systems exposes the brand-new video of a security professional from The PC Security Channel.
The Wireshark program has as soon as examined which pages with a totally brand-new Windows 11 device right away developed contact after commissioning-and the results speak for themselves:
Because, according to the data of the program, the brand brand-new Windows 11 system not only links to different Microsoft services-data plans to 3rd parties such as Google, Steam, McAfee and websites are also ending up being names such as or Privacy portal. sent.
By the way, if you desire to free yourself from Microsoft’s information collecting rage under Windows 10 or Windows 11, you can do it relatively quickly through the tool Shutup10 ++ (download by means of OO software application).
The program permits you to shut off the transfer of diagnostic and user information with just a couple of clicks and also uses other useful functions.
Shupup10 ++ download from OO software.
If you want, you can also point Windows with on-board funds:.
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comparison with Windows XP: In the previous whatever was better.

And what about old Windows systems?
Has Microsoft always collected and handed down a great deal of user data?
To learn, the security professional also examines the traffic data of a computer on which the old Windows XP runs.
The result: After the start, the PC only develops a connection to the update servers from Microsoft in order to download prospective spots.
Otherwise, the Wireshark data has no proof that the PC likewise builds connections to other websites.
No more in Windows?
Just attempt these options:.
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However, a direct contrast with more modern-day systems such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. Lastly, it is possible that Microsoft started to immediately establish systems to third-party providers prior to Windows 11.
It remains to be seen whether Microsoft will react to the criticism.