Josh Brolin Is Set To Play Joel In The Last Of Us Series – Heres Everything We Know So Far

Prior to the revelation that Pedro Pascal would be in charge of playing Joel Miller in the Live Action series of The Last of Us for HBO, all fans had an actor in mind, and that includes Troy Baker, who has revealed that
Thanos of the MCU was his choice for this role.
In a recent interview with Comic book, Baker, who was in charge of giving life to Joel at the Naughty Dog games, has revealed that, for him, Josh Brain, a responsible actor for playing Thanos in the MCU, was his choice to take the role
leading in the HBO series.
This was what he commented:

I met Josh Brain several times, and the last time I saw him was in Lax, and I said: Hey, I don’t know if you remember this or not;
You and I met in New Mexico, but he said: Yes, I want, and I said: there may be a script on your desk, and before you discard it anyway, just look at it, because I really think you would benefit you
to play this character, and if the character would benefit from you interpreting him, and he said: I will take a look.
What’s it called?
And I was, it’s called The Last of Us, and it’s a movie at this time that is being developed.


He was like, that’s fine, I’ll take a look.

And the funny thing is that I think Josh Brain would have been a great choice.
I think you look at the character, especially in the game, and you say: yes, that’s, 100%.
Josh Brain can do that, sure, but what I love is when you involve someone like Craig Main, and these conversations between him and Neil Luckmann come and go, and he says: What happens if we shake it a little?
And who do we understand that not only can it contribute something new and something fresh, but also change the character a bit?
We have the opportunity to do things differently here.
At the end of the day, this did not happen.
Pedro Pascal, an actor loved by many people, was selected for this role and, with four episodes already available, it is clear that this was a very good decision that nobody regrets.
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Editor’s note:
Pedro Pascal has done a fantastic work as Joel, to the degree that the small changes and the elements that the actor introduces to the paper, make it a different enough version compared to what Troy Baker presented us, and there is nothing wrong with