How to Get a Buzing Stick in Hogwarts and the Magic World: Crafting Your Own Custom Wand in Ollivanders and the Wizarding World WAND Quiz

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can fully configure your wand from scratch in Hollanders.
You can also go to the WAND quiz in Warding World to get the Elder Wood Wand stick and tie your accounts to get it at Hogwarts Legacy.
Remember, the rod chooses the wizard, so you must correctly answer quiz questions to get the desired wand.
Here’s how to get a born stick in the Hogwarts legacy.


How to get a wooden stick of an elderberry in Hogwarts Legacy and Warding World

  • An elderberry stick or an old wooden stick can have one of three cores.
    The core of the unicorn, the core of the dragon or the nucleus of the Phoenix.
    Each of these nuclei is a different type of force.
    When Wand’s hazarding world, seven different questions will be asked.
    To get the desired core, select the answers allocated in the table below for each main option.
    We received Elder Wood Wand with a unicorn core, 13.25 inches long and adamant flexibility.
    If there is any in the answer, this means that any of the options will work.

Having tied your account of the Harry Potter fan club with WB Games, you can connect it with Hogwarts’s Heritage to set up your character even more.
Your house and rod will be personalized, and the bearded skull mask and the school mantle of the fanatical at home will be available as options for the appearance of equipment.
To obtain additional information about the Hogwarts Heritage, read the section How to correct the error You can’t connect to the server in Warding World in games for professionals.