FC St. Pauli Takes The Lead In The North-West Division After A Nail-Biting Victory Against 1.

In the very first video game of the day there was the first turn in the FIFA 23 Virtual Bundesliga Club Champion: FC St. Pauli dominated versus 1. FC Cologne in the chasing duel of the north-west division and hence quickly took control of second location in the table.
But the joy did not last long, FC Schalke 04 swept St. Pauli off the pitch in the next battle.
This snapped second location, the Perfume citizens fell back to 4th place after three defeats this week.
The indisputable league leader is FC Hans Rostock.


Henning FCC_Henning Iambuses and Levy Finn Levying Rick retreated with two house-high success and a draw.

At the start of the season I believe our strength was above all 2 against 2, FCC_Henning said in the VBL’s interview about the clear lead.
In between we had a long dry spell. Now it went really well once again.
The Rockers have a firm eye on the prize: Our goal is the Grand Final, and we are doing everything that is in our strength to achieve that, stated FCH_Henning.