What Is The Current State Of Probability-Type Item Regulation In South Korea?

If the government is enforcing probability-type item legislation, the monitoring subject will be entrusted to the Game Management Committee first.

According to the so-called fast-so-so-by-member record for the Cultural Sports and Tourism on January 30, the government is considering the Game Culture Foundation (Chairman Kim Jong-il) as the second-ranked game water management committee (Chairman Kim Kyu-cheol).
The Game Culture Foundation is preparing for the game time selection agency after the forced shutdown system.

In the government’s opinion, lawmaker Kim Sundeck (Democratic Party) pointed out that the game committee is not right now and lacks a job.
Jean Byung-geuk, the first vice minister of the Ministry of Culture and Industry, admitted, That’s true.

Representative Kim Sundeck said, I am not a professional (for probability-type items), so there can be side effects.

Representative Kim Sundeck said, If you don’t make it very specifically when you create an enforcement decree, you can have a great variation.

In addition, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is in a position to trust probability-type item self-regulation.
Representative Kim Sundeck asked the Ministry of Culture to deal with unbearable basis, but the Ministry of Culture and Industry did not have a clear basis.

One year’s gap was also a problem.
Probability item legislation is promulgated after one year of grace period after the passage of the plenary session.
Representative Kim Sundeck pointed out that it is not autonomous system for a year.


Kim Tae-hyun, Director of Content Policy, said, There is a blind spot.

As a result, the government has to ask the game company to keep self-regulation during the one-year probability item legislation.
Kim Tae-hyun said, In the process of creating a new decree, there are a lot of concerns in the game industry, so I will continue to communicate so that the game industry can contain enough what the game industry wants.

Kim Tae-hyun, director of the complete Geisha, said, The Geisha is also the universal regulation of the probability-type item.

Representative Kim Byung-soo (national power) said, It is a severe probability problem because it is a severe probability problem, he said.
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