Discover The Underwater World of Another Crabs Treasure – New Trailer Out Now!

A brand-new trailer for Another Crabs Treasure crawled sideways and on 6 legs and puts crispy soulslike action against cold-blooded crustaceans.

The second game from the American indie studio Aggro Crab, which formerly parodied with Going Under Tech startups in the Roguelike format, is to appear for the PC and the Nintendo Change in 2023 and sharpen its scissors for the upcoming release.
With a brand-new advertising video for the Chinese gamer, you will be kidnapped once again into the ruthless undersea world.

Another Crabs Treasure: Fresh trailer reveals harassing shellfish

The hectic hermit cancer now actually has no insolent aspirations: it just desires to utilize all possible objects as security and home to make it through the whatever that has actually been feasting on, which is gradually however surely falling under mess up.
In his search for brand-new houses to slip in, his go into hook is of terrific advantage.

The law of the stronger is there, even if the delighted preliminary music very first gives a various impression.
But in Another Crabs Treasure, the cancer with the biggest scissors or the hardest tank does not constantly win, but the cleverest shellfish, which acts and responds depending on the attacks and movement patterns of its predators.

Anybody who has wished for a deep-relaxing dive ought to probably go swimming at Another Crabs Treasure-the soullike must not just be for hard-boiled seafarers, but also for landladies and newcomers to genre.
Until the 2nd title of Aggro Crab appears at some point this year, you can take an appearance at the launching video game of the studio, Going under.


The brand-new trailer also exposes which sea animals belong to the food chain: a hammer-swinging half hits the timpani along with a long past with a lance or a samurai grab with consuming thinkers.
They all make it quite tough for the little crawl Kris to dedicate his presence on the sea floor.