The German Handball Teams Magical Triangle Emerges As They Win The World Cup

I push the short conclusion before my analysis: We deservedly won the game for 5th place and pressed several promising processes for the future.
The next step would remain in a semi-final, to defend a medal and that next January in front of your own audience.
Through the triumph over Norway, we likewise got the opportunity of a home competition in getting approved for the 2024 Olympics in Paris.
In my eyes, the external representation of the German group might not have actually been much better.
The last World Cup game of the DHB choice is quickly told.
Anyone who has Andreas Wolff in the present form in the goal requires to be scared.
For me, he is appropriately in the All-Star team.
At the beginning we played our gorgeous objectives, however we rejected ourselves a clearer lead by expanding the retreat.
We went into the break with a worthy of lead.
The brand-new golden triangle including Julian Foster, Jury Knorr and Johannes Golda made me a lot of enjoyable again.
I even say it very honestly: We can exchange the surrounding players, however this triangle can end up being a wonderful one for us.

the highest acknowledgment for the group behind the team

The truth that Alfred Gílson Clever changed us after the break.
We were able to bring fresh forces like Kai Hefner who put new impulse.
Luca Withe has always found area versus passive Norwegians.
Sander Sago sen & Co. acted a little like the bunny in front of the snake in the final phase.
The Norwegians understood at the current when they saw Wolff in front of them that there was nothing to get for them in this video game.
I do not simply desire to enhance the team and national coach Gílson.
The group behind the team with sports director Axel Kramer, assistant coach Erik White, goalkeeper coach Matthias Andersson and the medical department around the veteran Reinhold Roth makes the best acknowledgment.
Bob Hanging (54) led the Foxes Berlin from the second league to the Champions League, which DHB turned on left in 8 years as Vice President and composed a mirror bestseller (Hanging. Handball.).
In his column, he analyzes the events around the national team and Bundesliga for the.