Theyre not fallen. Heres how to check the State. The next PVPVE game for PC, Dark

The next PVP VE game for PC, Dark and Darker is currently doing an alpha game test, and at such an early time, it is reasonable that things are a bit unstable.
The game test is scheduled to last until December 23, so the servers undoubtedly feel the burden that everyone tries to play as many times as possible.


This is what you need to know about how to verify the Dark and Darker servers to see if they are fallen.

How to verify the status of the dark and darker server

Since Dark and Darker has not completely launched in Steam, there are much fewer places to find information about the game status.
That said, the two resources currently available are Twitter accounts.

They are the Dark and Darker Twitter accounts and the Iron mace editor/developer.

Is it dark and darker below?

According to the aforementioned Twitter accounts, there are currently problems that affect Dark and Darker.
The next tweet was made at 5:38 p.
ET of December 20.
Sorry for the time of inactivity, we made a review patch #4.
The server is slowly again online.
Here are the details.HTTPS: //
-Iron mace (@ironmacegames) December 20, 2022,
According to this, the game was inactive, but it is working slowly and should be level up soon.

How to correct the error error when connecting to the server dark and darker

If you receive the error when connecting to the server in Dark and Darker during these Alpha tests, there is not much that you can do by your part.
The game is in a playable state, but it is still difficult, so you will only have to wait and be attentive to related Twitter accounts.
The servers also disconnect routinely during these Alpha Play tests per maintenance.
These maintenance periods generally do not last long, and if you receive this error, you should simply be patient.
This is all you need to know about how to verify the Dark and Darker servers to see if they are fallen.
If you are looking for other things to play while Dark and Darker have problems, you must consult our list of 10 sleeping successes that was probably lost this year.
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