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James Cameron and the feminism of Avatar 2 against Marvel and DC: They are not mothers and are not pregnant. The director

Avatar: The sense of water h already been releed in cinem with considerable success at the box office, a film that h a mission to initiate a science fiction saga of several deliveries with the Na’vi protagonists.


And a good blockbuster, it h to compete with the fhion genre: superheroes.

And it seems that James Cameron is clear if we take into account that in his promotion he h already mentioned Marvel or DC several times;
And it h a rope for a while.
So much so, that in a recent interview with the Middle Variety, Cameron h defended the feminism of his new film in front of the current super heroin of the cinema, such Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman, ensuring his Women Warriors of Avatar 2 represent the empowerment
female taken to the lt consequences, since it shows a six-month pregnant warrior woman.

The female empowerment of Avatar 2

And Cameron believes that the representation of women in Avatar 2 is even more empowered than Marvel or DC does, since their super heroines are not mothers and are not pregnant when they fight.
It does not happen in our society, it h not been psing for centuries.
But I guarantee that in their day women had to fight for survival and protect their children, and it didn’t matter if they were pregnant, says Cameron.
And pregnant women are more capable of being athletic than we culturally accept.
I thought ‘out limits’.
For me, it w the lt border you don’t see.
Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, all those fabulous women have already appeared, but they are not mothers and are not pregnant while fighting evil, continues the director, mentioning the representation of warrior women in other franchises that do not bet on a female empowerment
taken to the limit.
James Cameron h repeatedly opted for empowered women in their filmography, especially in a time dominated by the typical male archetypes of action, with characters such Lieutenant Ripley in Aliens or Sarah Connor in the Terminator saga.