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When Benji joins Public Safety Devil Hunters, Maxima is the one who is interested from the beginning for him, becoming his first love interest in the process.
As he unravels more than her sinister secrets, it becomes clear that she is a deadly threat that must be stopped at all costs.
In your case, choose to handle the situation in a decidedly unique way.
It is possible that he has heard the rumors, and if he is wondering, do you eat Maxima in Chainsaw Man?
Here is your answer.
Main spoilers warnings below

Why do Benji eat Maxima in Chainsaw Man?

Yes, Benji eats Maxima.
It looks delicious.
When it is revealed that Maxima is, in fact, the devil of control, Benji must put aside his feelings for her, defeating her bloody to end her manipulation once and for all.
Then, Benji finishes her by cooking parts of her body and devouring them as part of a Japanese-style meal.

As for why he chooses this morbid elimination form, it is likely to have to do with his powers as devil control.


It is shown that Maxima has rapid regeneration skills as part of his contract with Japanese prime minister, returning from wounds that should be fatal.
The scope of this power is unknown to public security demons hunters.
When you eat it, Benji believes that she could prevent her from rest orating her body.
He also sees this as a way in which Maxima can remain part of him forever without giving him the satisfaction of being consumed by the legendary Chainsaw Man. No, he must face the indignity of becoming the dinner of a perverted child and of bad manners.
Chainsaw Man is famous for pushing the envelope, so it is quite successful that his first arc ends with the main character sitting to enjoy the antagonist as a good snack.
It is certain to say that he did not keep the leftovers, just to be sure!
Now that he knows the gloomy truth behind the most morbid combat act of Chainsaw Man
Golden ball in the opening.
Enjoy it, but be careful with the devil testicle!
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