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5 Best Characters In High On Life

Slim City has a wide variety of inhabitants. Some are happy, some are angry and some are even a bit evil. In any case, they’re all interesting and fun to meet. Just like you, they live in Slim City, and they’re just as intrigued by the things that happen there every day.

The universe is a quite big place, and although High up on Life only provides part of it, there is a terrific line-up of high up on life characters You will fulfill in Slim City and the other worlds during your time.
Most of them will insult them often, so they look forward to it.
We do not include the antagonists in this list because you can discover them in our high-on-life boss list that explains about their personality and who are in the G3 cartel.

In this list we go into essential characters, consisting of the high on life weapons that you have actually found out.


There will be some little spoilers for the story below.

all high on life characters

Here are all high up on life characters with which you will spend most of the time when you explore the universe:
Sugary food

Lizzie is the sister of the main character that plans a celebration before the G3 cartel penetrates the earth.

While she insults her character and states that he has no life perspective, it is clear that she takes care of her throughout the game.
Throughout the runtime of the narrative, she argues quite typically with genes.


Gene, a former bounty hunter you discover in Slim City, is homeless and had lost his legs prior to the video game started.
He uses you his fugitive hunter in exchange for your home when he dies what you accept, and he remains on the sofa in your house for the rest of the video game.
He can be a bit of an ass, he likewise clearly shares his worries about you while he also comprehends that he will win the home when you pass away.


Kenny, the first Gatlin you satisfy, is none other than Justin Roland.
This Gatlin is most likely among the nicer, although it still insults the opponents as typically as possible.
Kenny is a reliable however basic handgun that offers a mud bomb as a trick that tosses the opponents into the air.


Knife is the only melee weapon included, and he continuously draws her attention to it by talking about desiring and stabbing people to eliminate them.
He is always prepared and reputable to assault an opponent, although he does not talk excessive after you have selected it up.


Gus is a practically frog-like Gatlin who provides balls like a shotgun.
He typically insults the remainder of the Italians and the armed forces of the G3 cartel, however always thanks them when they lastly use it again as a weapon of their option.
His trick hole is a vacuum that brings unwilling enemies more detailed.


Sweeney is certainly scared, and he will toss everybody with swear words and insults, including you.
Your crystal shots look like an SMG, where your technique hole provides a time bubble that slows down enemies and some projectiles for crawling.


The animal produces children like nothing in deep space and uses these children against all the opponents that can be found in their way.
He is one of the friendlier members of her Gatlin toolbox and uses to be the bridge in between a number of the Gatlin disagreements.
His technique Hole offers among his children as supernatural, mentally controlling opponents to help.


Lawsuit, the last Gatlin and probably the most effective, was the leader of the disobedience for Gates, the house planet of the Italians when he was assaulted by the G3 cartel.
He was believed to be dead by Kenny, however they discover out that the G3 cartel brought out experiments on him.
It is repaired by genes, however can just call his name instead of talking.


Clung, the existing mayor of Slim City and candidate for the next mayoral elections, will assist you by providing you the areas of some members of the G3 cartel and a method to keep people from becoming drugs for the numerous extraterrestrial species in the game.
What do you state?
Never ever rely on a politician.
These are all high up on life characters that you will encounter in the distinct universe of Squinch Games.
You can find all voices behind your preferred characters in the list above by watching the occupation and the voice actors from High on Life.
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