Steam Version Of Enzyme Kunio Army Gaiden River City Girls 2 Released On The 15th

The Arc Systems Works Asia Branch announced that the steam version of the hot-blooded comic action “ Old-blooded Pavilion Unit Army River City Girls 2 ” was released on the 15th and unveiled the information on the launch sale and the character of the character of the title.

The Reverse City Girls 2 of the Kunio Army, Kunio-gun, is the sequel to the “ League of Passion Unit Army, ” released in 2019.
It is a belt scroll action game where stories are developed around the main character.

While maintaining the advantages of previous works such as gorgeous action, cool feelings, and character reinforcement, mini-games and various quests are added to enjoy more contents.
In addition to more than 100 additional stages, more than 100 assist characters to help battle, and additional new playable characters will show more volume and fun than previous works.
In addition, you can see further improved visuals by adding animation production with the comic-style cut scene unique to the River City Girls series.

■ STEAM version “ Reverse Hematuria Pavilion Unit Army River City Girls 2 ” Today is released today!

Today, the STEAM version of “ Passion of Unit Army, Unit Army, ” which is being sold in praise on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch TM platforms was released today.
In the STEAM version, various errors and bugs have been modified, and you can enjoy the latest version with adding online multiplayer functions to play games with friends and offline 4 play functions that can play up to 4 players up to 4 players.


In addition, for online multiplayer and offline 4 play functions, it will be updated later on the PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch TM platforms.

■ STEAM version “ The League of Kunio Army Rivers City Girls 2 ”

In order to commemorate the launch of the STEAM version of Hot Colonial Pavilion Unit Army River City Girls 2 '', the launch sale that can be purchased cheaper in cheaper starts today.
This sale will be held until December 22 through STEAM, and you can purchase
Learn River City Girls 2 ” at a 10% discount.

For more information about “ Passion of Kunio Army, ” can be found on the official blog, Twitter, and Facebook of the Arc System Works Asia Branch.