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Destiny 2: Why Is Rabbit Disabled In Destiny 2?

Weapons and armor are deactivated in Destiny 2 quite frequently.
There are several reasons why it would be so, but most of the time always leads to a technical problem that breaks the game that then guarantees that this piece is disabled until new notice.
Recently, Bungee’s helping Twitter page sent a notification to inform the players that the Exotic Scout Rifle, Jade Rabbit, is disabled until new notice.


However, no adequate reason was given of why.
Here is the official tweet of the Bungee Help page:
We have identified a problem with the exotic explorer Jade Rabbit, and we have temporarily deactivated the weapon until a solution can be implemented.
-Bungee help (@bungiehelp) December 12, 2022,
While Bungee’s help page did not give an official reason, in we identify the source of the problem.
Recently, Jade Rabbit received a redesign of his exotic feature, in which he would inflict additional damage into the head with precision blows, but is now redesigned to inflict additional damage to the blows to the body.
However, a new fault allowed the weapon to inflict much more damage both in the body and the head of the expected, making it almost unstoppable in JCJ content, for example. Fortunately, Bungee quickly disabled the weapon before it became
a big problem.

When will Jade Rabbit be enabled again?

It is difficult to say with certainty for how long the weapon will be deactivated.
In general, this type of failure only last for a week or so.
Unfortunately, there is no real calendar to work with, since it depends on the scale of the failure itself.
Sometimes they can be a few days, or other times they can be a couple of weeks.
Bungee’s help page will notify the players when the weapon is re-enabled.

Now it is simply a matter of waiting until that moment comes.
That is all you need to know about why did the exotic jade rabbit explorer rush in Destiny 2 disabled?
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