Witcher 3: Viper School Gear Treasury Search Guide

If you are just starting in the iconic role-playing role-playing role-playing play, and you are circling for White Orchard in search of decent team before going to the biggest world, finding the diagrams of these two swords is a good place to start.
The mission is called Treasury Search: Vipers School team and the rewards for completing them are the diagrams of the Serpentine steel sword and the Silver Serpentine sword.
Here is how to complete the search treasure search.

How to complete the search for the treasure of Viper School Gear

The two locations for these missions can be addressed in any order and when any of the diagrams are found, the mission will be activated.
The locations are a crypt in the White Orchard cemetery and a bandit camp near Ransacked Village.
Let’s start with the cemetery, where you will find the silver sword diagram.

Location of the Viper Silver Sword Diagram

Go to the Mill Indicator post of your initial location.
Go north from there to get to the cemetery.
You will find a place of fair power outside a large crypt.
When you try to use it, a wraith will appear and fight with you.
The spectrum is quite strong, so you may want to prepare using a little pepper on your sheet.
You will also want to use ARDEN sign to reduce speed and prevent it from disappearing.
After you have attacked the spectrum, he will retire to the crypt.
Use your Award poster at the door to open it.
Walk to the bottom of the crypt and cool the Wraith again to kill him.
Find a body near the rear wall.
Take the diagram of the Silver Sword and a Pilgrim note from the Viper School.


You will find two of these notes during the mission.
They tell the story of a Viper School sorcerer who sought to forge legendary weapons of his clan.
He was not so lucky in his search, and now we are taking over with these weapons.

Location of the viper steel sword diagram

The second location is the bandit camp, which is located west of Ransacked Village.
The camp is located in a strong ruin at the top of a small hill.
You will want to approach the camp from the south until you find a fallen piece of the fortress, which you will climb to reach the top of the hill.
There are some relatively easy bandits in the fort.
Send them and look for a large chest that will contain the diagram of the Steel Serpentine and another part of Pilgrim’s note.
Once you have both diagrams, the search will be complete.
Both swords are quite good improvements at the beginning of the game, especially with respect to the silver sword.
They also add the possibility of poisoning enemies with a blow, which is useful to help reduce the enemy’s HP while developing a fight.
The silver sword requires emerald dust to manufacture, which you can get from the Wraith that you killed in the cemetery or the Noon wraith contract in the devil by the well.

That is all you need to know how to complete the search for the treasure of Viper School Gear in The Witcher 3. To get more guides, see our wiki and read our review if you have not yet done so.
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