Ankame, a company that has a lot of Dofuss

Name is a French company that has set themselves the mission of producing and publishing video games. Ankara’s employees are primarily artists and designers, with an occasional programmer.

Because its development or almost, Ankara has significantly set for mission to decrease worlds and makes it the scene of histories to tell, in particular in the context of appropriate jobs on different supports.
The world of the twelve stuffs hence according to the updates of the universes of video games Doffs, Wake or Doffs Touch, however also in novels, manga (and soon webtoons), or even animation series envisioned by the various Panama studios.
In this context, there is a little more last year, Anthony Roux ( Kid, author, screenwriter and incidentally founder Panama) presented a brand-new story to these groups: the story of the Count Lance Due, a former terrific hero of
World of the Twelve, today senior and persisted of rheumatism and arthritis but quick to start a last experience with his former Dame buddies to conserve his granddaughter.
This is the narrative base of the next miniseries Animation Panama, the last adventure of the Count Lancer, which will be broadcast on DNA Digital Network in early 2023 (at the rate of seven episodes of ten minutes).
And universe of the Count Lancer should also be decreased in Universe Video-Lidique of the designer as part of a transmedia project.
The writers Panama therefore took this chance to integrate this story into the different licenses of the group, for instance by decreasing it in new areas, new stories, brand-new monsters or bumps… and including a new playable class in
DOFFS: The forges (the previous one, the Ougiya, goes back to 2017).

forge lances, nineteenth playable class of Doffs

The forges are for that reason strong fighters easily influenced by Imaginary Viking, but also worthy hearts animated by a heroic ideal which exceeds them.
The forges have actually always existed in Universe de Dofus, however sometimes inconspicuously in time of prosperity or more ostensible in times of crisis when they think that Leliocalypse is approaching.
Concretely, the forges appear in Doffs with upgrade 2.66, forge lance.
The update opens Lances to brand-new areas which will function as a framework for transmedia the job: players can know in Archive de Valonia made up of 3 islands to check out: Life Albert, the territory of forge lances and the Count Lancer (planned for characters at level 90);.
Life cursed Dearborn made from magmatic rocks (level 190);.
And luxuriant Deferred (level 200).
All have their own animals incorporating brand-new households of beasts and shelter emblematic characters, such as Moore wax in Pretoria or the witch Bella done in Epiedrya-immortal characters that the gamers will fulfill in the MMORPG but likewise in the miniseries the last experience of.
Count lancer and whose stories will be exposed in specific in a webtoon to come in 2023. And more typically, some of Valencia’s stories throw bridges between Doffs and Wake in different eras.
Whatever is consistently linked.
In this brand-new environment and on the design of the old count launch, the Florence class takes the type of mobile lance.
And the advancement team of Doffs is straight motivated by the Bastions of Anime where the hero manages his lance, however also clips to propel or impede the mobility of his challengers, to control areas or protect himself against anyone who is too close.
In Doffs, the Florence is for that reason concentrated on protection, positioning and damage.
The History of Forges.
As frequently with Ankara, it all started with a story.
In a really far-off past, Sign was such an effective warrior what impressed the gods themselves and became the first Walker of History, intended to accompany the contenders who passed away in combat towards LAU de Beland.
And to achieve his mission, the gods delegated him with the Hammer lance, an ancient artifact granting the one who brings it the vision of the excellent disputes to come.

It was thanks to the lance that Sign had an apocalyptic vision of the twilight of the gods: Leliocalypse, the destruction of the world that the gods themselves could not avoid.
How to save the world when those whose mission is condemned to fail?
By taking charge!
This is how the very first forge lances appeared.
Unlike the majority of the other classes of Doffs universe, they do not worship a god however the broken relic of the Hammer spear and declares their independence to the regard of the gods-in the (new) area Albert, they have actually erected their temple around.
The Lance of Origins.

A tactical and restored gameplay.

Doffs’s Florence can dinning an ethereal lance and managing it from another location thanks to a type of telekinesis, to introduce violent attacks on large locations, to move its challengers or to teleport, while introducing protective spells.
More concretely, the gameplay of the Florence is based on 2 states: armed when it holds its lance with 2 hands and deactivated when the lance is placed on the field of the affected.
Some spells can be used depending on whether the Florence is equipped or disarmed however motherly produces different results depending upon the character.
The class likewise controls four series of 7 spells, each connected to an aspect (earth, water, air or fire), with the possibility of integrating their results to develop synergies in between the components.
The class has numerous positioning options to attract or repel its opponents or teleport;.
It likewise has several spells enabling it to deaminize its possibilities of survival on the battleground (in a function of tank);.
And likewise has offensive capacities, in specific to increase the damage caused around the character.


The Florence appears as a really versatile class, but likewise based on a gameplay different from that of the previous classes of Doffs.
It is also extremely tactical insofar as the gamer needs to nab lots of criteria: the character’s Leta and the fact of forecasting or recalling his lance at the correct time, his positioning and that of tear on the battlefield, his own capability to.
Displacement, that of the opponents or the bundling of its spells, to name a few.
As many delegations to find and learn to master, now on the live servers of Doffs as part of the update 2.66-while waiting on the Albert and the Count Dalbuera.
DNA lances at the start next.