10 Dragon Quest Characters That Will Be In Dragon Quest Treasures

Dragon Quest Treasures is the Dragon Quest XI spin-off, one of the largest franchise games.
Unlike your traditional Dragon Quest games with fixed members of the group, in the Dragon Quest Treasures you hire them.
If it is difficult for you to choose a group that can hold you through the first few hours of the game, here is a list of the best monsters for the early game that you can hire in Dragon Quest Treasures.

What monsters should you hire primarily in Dragon Quest Treasures?

Royal Mucus

King Slime is a monster that you can hire already during your first trip to Paterson.
At the level 20, he appears next to the waterfall, where you found the royal land.
He studies many useful fiery spells and physical abilities, which makes him an excellent attacking member of your group.
Besides, he is big!
And its size perfectly indicates its defensive capabilities.

Had Condor

Although it can be seen more often in The Mainland, Hades Condor can be found in Waterlogging at 10th level.
You just need to climb the cliffs near the waterfalls between Palatial Plains and Teardrop Falls.
This is not the best monster in defense, but he has a lot of distant attacks to compensate for this.
He also has healing that he will use automatically if one of the members of your group has critical HP.

hunter for dunes

They are very difficult to recruit, but Dune Stacks will definitely be the attack of your team if you raise one of them to a higher level.
They very often appear in The Mainland at levels from 15 to 18. Just go to open desert areas.

sebaceous palm

If you need a monster with Stealth Forte, skip Shadows and go to The Mainland to find a greasy palm.

A couple of them bathes right in front of the first station (Bowery Heights) at levels from 5 to 12, depending on when you go to this area (since the level in this game is scaled).
They have good protection, worthy spells and many Avatar.


Golems are another type of powerful monsters that appear in Paterson, especially at night.
You can find it on the palace plains, where all the restless armor are located.
From the very beginning it is at a fairly high level (from 12 to 18), and it is very difficult to hire even with Buddy Bullets.
However, your efforts will pay off ten times!
It is a little slow, but it has perfect resistance, a wide range of attacks and the number of treasure slots.


You can also find a level of the 27th level in The Mainlands if you are ready to take a chance.
Again, he is slow, so his attacks are easily avoided.
In addition, we found that from about 12 to 15, two or three special attacks (button R) monster should defeat it.
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