Warzone 2: New bug makes players invincible and kill others in the punch

It is really necessary for Infinity Ward developers to release a new update for their Battle Royale, Call of Duty: War zone 2.0. Although its release is a success, the game is facing a wave of cheaters that is worrying and a particular bug is drawing a lot of attention…

In addition to server instability, crashes, chat problems, but also recently the return of Sheets, now there is a bug that allows you to become invincible.

War zone 2.0 players become invincible

During a common part, the player named Dukenkedemm had to face an enemy who was totally invulnerable. On Reddit, he shared a clip of this scene.

When he sees another player approaching him running, he naturally begins to fire. The problem is that he does not seem to have received any damage and ends up killing Dukenkedemm in the punch… It will be problematic if more players start using this bug.

It doesn’t look like he was cheating, since in the clip, the voice we heard is not that of Dukenkedemm, but that of the invincible player. When he returns from Gulag, he tells his allies that they are trying to shoot me and the bullets pass me. Apparently this invincibility seems to have something to do with a bug related to Gulag.

It is evident that it is necessary to correct all these setbacks as soon as possible. If possible, it would be better not even to wait until the next official update, but in a Hotfix, to deal with the most alarming Sheets and bugs.


Of course a game of this magnitude will have some problems, especially with the number of players, but some bug exploiters are abusing luck and hindering the experience of other players.

We know that Activision has already banned over 20,000 accounts, and it is likely that players who are using cheating or taking advantage of bugs will also receive punishment.