Truthear HEXA Hybrid IEM Review How Are These $79.99?!?


Make no error, $80 still isn’t inexpensive for any pair of in-ear monitors, however the HEX does an impressive task of providing value beyond its expense of entry. Its mix of motorists, outstanding convenience, and superior tuning make it a terrific choice for music, motion pictures, and even gaming if you do not mind it’s a little smaller sound stage. They’re not cheap, however handle to feel that way thanks to their incredibly excellent worth.

We wish to thank Shenzhen Audio for offering the sample for this evaluation.

  • Present Price: $79.99 (Shenzhen Audio, Amazon).
  • Motorist: 1DD +3 BACHELOR’S DEGREE.
  • Diaphragm of dynamic driver: PU + LCP.
  • Impedance: 20.5 Ω? 15% @ 1kHz.
  • Level of sensitivity: 120dB/Arms @ 1kHz.
  • THD: THD ≤ 1% @ 1kHz (94dB).
  • Frequency reaction: 8-40kHz (IEC61094, Free Field).
  • Reliable frequency action: 20-20kHz (IEC60318-4, -3 dB).

Truther is still the new kid in town in the earphone scene, however it definitely seems out to go far for itself. Following up on the honor its debut pair of earphones gotten (the Truther x Crinkle Absolutely no), the company returns with the HEX, a hybrid set of in-ear monitors packing three well-balanced armatures and a powerful vibrant chauffeur into a streamlined little shell for a budget friendly $79.99 price point.

Truther HEXA-What Is It?

Consisted of in the box are two sets of silicone ear suggestions, a single set of memory foam tips, and a leatherette bring case. The narrow bore and memory foam tips permit more bass to come through while the wide bore ideas add a bit more treble energy.

Imaging, on the other hand, is quite good. Audio sources have strong positionality, and the stereo discussion is very clear. I enjoy a great pair of imaging earphones and selecting noises coming from various instructions– or better yet, moving in between channels! These do an excellent job at that, particularly at this rate.

As is often my recommendation, use Dolby Atmos with this set for the best of both worlds.

Graph Credit: Audio.

Its extremely soft and won’t safeguard the earphones from a drop or being stepped on, but it can avoid tangles and scratches from just tossing them in a bag. Like the shell design and cable, its cost-saving and simple, and I’m fine with that provided how good the HEX actually sounds.

The HEX is a fairly small earphone thinking about how many chauffeurs it packs on each side. I at first had an excellent deal of problem with my left ear using the wide-bore silicone tips, however swapping to the narrow bore resolved it.

Gaming: Earphones are a hard proposal when it concerns gaming due to their naturally more minimal sound stage. With that in mind, the HEX aren’t a bad option for gaming, as long as you do not require extraordinary depth to your listening experience. The modest restrictions to the sound stage compared to the competitors does make gaming feel less roomy, but the exceptional imaging and layering make it simple to pick out directional audio hints like steps.

The middle frequencies are definitely key for instruments, vocals, and numerous important audio cues to sound enjoyable and natural. This isn’t a vocal-centric set, in my viewpoint, but still sounds rather excellent even without that bit of huskiness mid-forward sets can supply.

The cable included with these earphones is fine but isn’t anything I would write home about. It uses a slim, four-strand braid leading up to a Y-split where the two sides divided off. When it rubs on your clothing) and has ear hooks already in place through pre-applied heat diminish, it wasn’t microphonic (no noise. The finish is rubberized however does not feel extremely high-end. It’s a fundamental, no-frills cable television that ends in a regular 3.5 mm connection. Ought to it break, the standard 2-pin connection will make it easy to replace without purchasing a new set of earphones.

A composite (2-in-1) balanced armature covers the mid and is tuned to be able to match the vibrant motorist for a smooth transition throughout frequencies. Truther has actually used a tailored Bachelor’s degree for the highs with a focus on presenting those frequencies efficiently.

The mid-bass decline is something hip-hop and metal fans may desire to EQ back in. I didn’t miss it for my library, but that coming down slope from 80-300Hz presses bass guitars a bit lower and offers that register a bit less power overall.

Truther HEXA-Fit and Comfort.

The Truther HEX are a set that I would consider moderately neutral. That suggests they’re a relatively safe set if you’re not offered on a specific tuning choice.

Technical Performance (Sound stage, Imaging, Layering): The sound stage on the HEX isn’t huge, however the listening experience doesn’t feel constrained or limited either. It strikes a nice happy medium where whatever has breathing space and you’ll be struck by reverb routes from time to time. The exact same is true of the layering, or method which the Items pull apart the different layers of noise: breathing space, space to hear everything that’s taking place, however they’re not information microscopes like some Items (particularly planar) can be.

Bass: Bass performance on this set is excellent. It reaches low and has excellent sub-bass extension. The rise below 80Hz indicates that the least expensive frequencies (those responsible for rumble and submitting the body of the lows) are forward. The decline toward the mid-bass avoids bleeding into the midst hat I can hear and assists songs and video games from sounding muddy and veiled. There’s great texture to the bass, so tunes with keyboards and synths have a tactility to them that I actually take pleasure in. The dynamic chauffeur is great however isn’t the fastest even after 50+ hours of listening, so the attack of kick drums and explosions is a bit softer and less tidy cut, however still sound good overall.

The Truther HEX is a hybrid pair of in-ear displays from the group that brought us the Truther x Crinkle No earlier this year. While that earphone impressed us with its dual dynamic chauffeurs (devoting one to pure subwoofer performance), the HEX takes a different method completely. It includes a four-driver range that blends a big dynamic driver with three well-balanced armatures to deliver its sound. It’s a proven formula, as long as tuning is on point. Which, in this case, it is.

Final Words.

This tech is all housed within a set of fairly small 3D-printed shells. Fun fact: the business manufacturing these shells, Hectares, likewise manufactures earbuds for the audio giant, Moon drop. Each shell has an aluminum faceplate in simple black with a single screw holding it in place. The design is extremely angular, but the rear is smooth and contoured as anticipated. The top of each function a 2-pin port for a 0.78 mm removable cable television. The inner resin part is really smoked out but is rather transparent to give you a peek at the internals from the appropriate angle. The primary appeal of the design is the minimalism and angular face; you’re not spending for extra showiness here.

The Truther HEX is a hybrid set of in-ear monitors from the team that brought us the Truther x Crinkle No earlier this year. Truther has made use of a customized BA for the highs with an emphasis on providing those frequencies efficiently. The Truther HEX are a set that I would think about moderately neutral. Consider the following audio stack in a very first-person shooter, listed bottom to top: soundtrack→ environmental/atmospheric sounds→ emergent sounds (explosions/battle noises)→ discussion and colleague vocals. The Truther HEX is an outstanding IEM in basic however is downright surprising at its existing asking price.

The Truther HEX is an outstanding IEM in basic but is downright unexpected at its current asking price. In a blind listening test, I would put it closer to the $200 range, so discovering it at just $79.99 is a specific reward. If you’re trying to find an outstanding set that will provide lots of information and has a versatile enough tuning to deal with several genres and types of material, it is well worth a more detailed look.

Treble: The treble on this set is never sharp or sibilant. There’s a modest amount of air but nothing insane. Instead, I believe the treble tuning is rather thoroughly d1. There’s simply sufficient present to press cymbals, breaking glass, and atmospherics forward and to add a bit of additional clarity. The balanced armatures do a great job here and make this a satisfying, non-fatiguing listen.

Listening tests were conducted utilizing a mix of the Fido K7 and BTR7. Wireless listening was done utilizing DAC and high-resolution audio files. Wired listening was made with lossless FLAC files. Of course, I also mixed in some Spotify on Really High quality.

Truther HEXA-Listening Impressions.

When fitted with the appropriate ideas, I discovered them to be rather comfy. As is usually the case, the difficult angles on the faceplate are simply for program and the inside is smooth and contoured. I had the ability to listen for multi-hour stretches without exceptional fatigue or discomfort. I have medium-sized ears and think that a lot of users ought to have the ability to discover a comfy fit with the proper ear ideas.

The style here isn’t going to draw in a great deal of eyes, but that’s not precisely a bad thing if you’re planning on wearing this day in and day out. I likewise have a sense that Truther has actually streamlined as much as they can to keep that cost low and rather provide on sound quality.


Guitars sound crisp, and you can hear the little subtleties of the results or distortion, or the players fingers on the strings, in a method that can be more difficult to hear on sets with more mid-bass pushing into this area. I happen to like that extra sharpening to the noise, but if you’re experienced enough to know you do not like that, this may be a set to prevent.

The clearness in between the layers of audio cues also makes it simpler to hear exactly what’s occurring around you at any given moment. Think about the following audio stack in a first-person shooter, noted bottom to top: soundtrack→ environmental/atmospheric noises→ emergent noises (explosions/battle sounds)→ discussion and teammate vocals. It can be easy to lose information amidst all of that simultaneous sound, but the HEX does an admirable job of protecting it and providing it more easily than even numerous video gaming headsets.