Lost Ark Weekly Fixes a Variety Of Concerns and the Team Addresses Disconnects

You can read the full patch notes over at Lost Ark.

While this weekly upgrade just directly supplies fixes for the abovementioned problems, please note that we are still actively overcoming ongoing problems surrounding in-game disconnects. We will continue to provide modifications and updates to these problems as development is made, no matter weekly upgrade status or timing, it reads.

Today’s repairs consist of repairing a bug where gold sent with mail was sometimes revealing as an unfavorable number, making certain the Reaper Dawn skin was radiant as meant, and fixing mount descriptions and names to show properly. There’s even an ease of access repair, which includes ensuring that photosensitivity cautions appear when suitable.

Given that looking over the details of the weekly upkeep does show that the range of problems fixed today, while handy (particularly that photosensitivity warning for those that need it), the team added a note to assure everybody that they’re still working on that big issue that they haven’t rather nailed down a fix for yet– disconnects.

Halloween might be a month behind us, however the current Lost Ark weekly update has actually repaired a number of pieces of Halloween cosmetics to guarantee they display properly when applied to Female Gunners and male Martial Artists. The spot likewise used a number of other repairs for a number of problems, while the team updates on more work they’re doing to attempt to deal with significant concerns, like continuous disconnects.

The weekly update this time around is all repairs, and the maintenance follows other tweaks and a number of hotfixes meant to improve the video game experience. Most recently, this impacted the Auction House, where numerous had reported instability, and the variety of reports led the group to check out modifications in 2 areas, US-East and Central Europe, prior to verifying the modifications had worked, and rolling it out to the staying areas.


Those Halloween glitches? Things like the Eerie Skeleton Headwear and Eerie Halloween Clown Headwear weren’t displaying correctly, and the Halloween Fortress theme had an inaccurate sales expiration date.