Your dog can play with your own console – a mans best friend gets Joipaw

Joined’s startup plans to publish a customized console for dogs.


Founded by Friends Persia Adar and Marco Jenny, the company develops dogs that are suitable for dogs and a very, very own console to play them. The two describe themselves as animal lovers, players and scientists.

Among the games, there is, among other things, a Hakka-Myyer Challenge and a test to investigate whether the dog player can choose which side of the image there are more bubbles. Dogs use their nose to play on the console touch screen, and the prize for the right choices snaps from an integrated delicious dose. There is also a game where dogs and people compete against each other, avoiding hedgehog spikes.

Originally designed to prevent puppies and boring, the game console also provides dogs with cognitive benefits for dogs. Thus, the console could be used, for example, to prevent dog dementia.

There is no schedule for Joined’s release. The pricing model is currently being worked on for both the console itself and the order that offers games.