God of War Ragnarök The Worlds in War – Story

Attention, huge spoilers follow: After Rates and ATREUS have carried out a build-up, you have to get ready for the last fight together with your buddies. What awaits you in the final of the Nordic Saga in God of War Ragnarök, we will tell you below in the 15th part of our big story guides for the PlayStation hit.

Ragnarök starts

Now the viewpoint modifications once again to Rates, who follows its allies. There are a few little battles once again, where you get assistance from ATREUS and Thru. A little later thunder god Thor appears on the scene and now desires to lastly end the fight from back then.

Assistance yourself at the temple with your allies and after that rest again. After Rates has actually put himself, another dream series follows in which he sees his partner Faye. Help you mark various trees. It is the trees that the Spartan falls at the start of God of War (2018) with its Leviathan. Shortly afterwards, the ex-warrior god will get up from his dream again. Now the time has actually come to let the Gjallarhorn sound and to sound the gods. Open the gates, and you can now improve your devices if necessary.

Rates and his allies for that reason wish to secure individuals who live from the walls of Asgard. Now the control changes, and you will play the next area as an Atreus. Together with Sindhi, they are slowly working forward and combat together against different opponents. There is likewise a reunion with Thru, which is not especially proficient at ATREUS. Her mom IF motivates her not to be taken in by her anger and rather work with Erato’s boy. Together they continue their way throughout the battleground.

Follow the direct course in front of you, on which you will also fulfill Anybody and Henri on the way. In the meantime, more powerful challengers will likewise stand in your way, such as Over or primary men. In the background you can also see another fight, particularly that in between Thor and the world snake.

After satisfying with Ferries Surer in Mülheim, Rates and child ATREUS return to Tar’s temple at the lake of the nine. There their allies gathered to get to Odin to the last blow. The intrusion of Asgard and hence Ragnarök itself looms! So if you wish to do some optional secondary missions beforehand, there is now a great opportunity. There is no method back as soon as you are in combat!

Leap down there and do the next challengers. ATREUS also comes back to you and will help you. The battle also requires many civilian victims.

boss battle: thunder god Thor

Apart from that, in charge opponent will continue to depend on known actions. Dodge this therefore you can finally end this fight as quickly as the R3 icon is revealed. In the end, however, this battle is not chosen with the weapons, however with words, because Rates persuades his challengers that they ought to bury their differences and get along for the benefit of their children.

Now the duel is gradually becoming interesting, since Thor is now more powerful than before. Now, however, he will likewise use a mighty pressure wave attack that can harm you.

A reality that the all-father is anything however satisfied! Odin appears shortly afterwards, and he stands for the final defend Rates and ATREUS, who also shows up at the arena. It is the last boss battle in God of War Ragnarök that has it right once again. To match the grand ending of such an action legendary, the battle against the all father also crosses a total of 5 (!) Stages. Here we go!

It ends up being hazardous when he charges his lightning magic and hovers in the air. Red circles on the bottom of the arena mark the locations where lightning flashes will stand out. Make certain to avoid these areas. You have two alternatives with this attack of your challenger: you can evade and remain at a range or, and that is a little more dangerous, you storm towards him and attempt to fill with one in close battle.

You still know a few of his attacks from your very first fight against him. Nevertheless, the manager challenger will not be really lousy at the beginning of your battle. You can likewise counter the majority of his attacks with the ideal timing in order to have a brief time window for your Counter Strike. You can still browse for your luck in close fight and give Thor a few decent objectives if you are cautious.

When Thor extends his hand and attempts to load Rates, it also ends up being uneasy. You suffer massive damage if he succeeds! However, you can ward off this attack by performing a slight attack (R1 secret) in time. If you have actually taken out enough life energy to in charge opponent, a quick time event will be used in which the thunder god Rates puts mayhem blades under power. The fight goes into its 2nd phase.

Thor will now keep going into the air with Mjölnir and shoot the flooring with a magnificent attack. If you prevent this attack, you can begin a counterattack.

Still in view of Thor well and far from his attacks. Memorial and attack the manager challenger as quickly as you have the possibility. In this way you gradually however definitely pull it off increasingly more energy and forces him to the 3rd and last stage of your fight.

manager battle: Allister Odin

If you continue as before, you will endure this stage of the fight. If you have actually completely eliminated Odin’s life energy, the R3 sign appears and the fight will pertain to an end with a well staged double-quick time event, in which Rates, Atreus and Freya combine their strength. All dad Odin is beaten, Ragnarök ruined Asgard and our hero trio has to go house to Midgard.

The first stage of the manager fight starts rather workable. The masters of his attacks can be obstructed well or counterattack if you have the ideal timing.

Now the battle is continued in a brand-new arena, more exactly in the cavern, in which Odin has investigated the mystical gap. Odin will now release a brand-new attack on you that advises of blows with a whip. Very essential: you can not block or counter these attacks! So you absolutely need to prevent them. In addition, the all-father will now utilize a lot more brand-new distance attacks, more specifically different fireballs with which he wants to warm you up. If you are quick enough, you can utilize it versus him: hurl your weapon onto the ball over Odin’s head and then get to the Counter Strike.

Apart from that, not too many modifications for you. The all dad will continue to assault you from a distance with his range attacks, just that this time they will be fired a little faster than in the very first stage. Go back to close fight to decrease Odin’s life energy if possible. In this way, the one in charge opponent gradually requires her to kneel, and the boss battle will go into the third phase.

The one in charge challenger will now redesign the arena and tear holes in the ground. This also comes to you, due to the fact that you can now leap back and forth in between the locations of the arena. This is precisely what you have to do, since Odin will take big parts of a location with an across the country attack on the grain. As quickly as this takes place, which is signaled by a violet coloring of the soil, you have to change rapidly to another field.

The all-father will likewise let go of various distance attacks on Rates and ATREUS, including his Frost magic. Block these attacks with your guard or parry them if you trust yourself.

In this Odin increases the rate once again and will now use his attacks considerably much faster in a row. The all-father is now also broadening the location of activity of its across the country first attack, which even more limits your flexibility of movement.

In this Odin wants to understand it when again: Now he will protect his body with elementary magic, which is why you are forced to switch in between your weapons again and once again. He will also use a new location attack that makes things more challenging.

Otherwise, the battle continues as previously. Nevertheless, you now need to act much more thoroughly than in the past. To make matters worse, Odin and his ravens will likewise rush on you from time to time, which can even break through your defense. With the ideal timing you can parry your rush. You will be not able to act briefly if that fails. Gradually further reduces the life energy of the one in charge opponent and the fight enters into the last 5th stage.

beyond Ragnarök

You can ward off this attack by performing a minor attack (R1 key) in time. Now, however, he will likewise utilize a magnificent pressure wave attack that can hurt you. The all daddy will continue to attack you from a range with his range attacks, just that this time they will be fired a little faster than in the very first stage. The all-father is now also broadening the location of activity of its across the country first attack, which even more restricts your freedom of movement. Odin will now let go of a new attack on you that advises of blows with a whip.


Now we slip back into the role of ATREUS, which comes back in a camp. Of course, this consists of Freya and Mimic, however likewise Thru, Sigh and Sold. ATREUS then sets off with his sweetheart Anybody to experience his own adventure, while Freya is when again joining Rates.

Now you have actually received the God of War Ragnarök last video game. The last big quest that you can still tackle is called Beyond Asgard and means briefly that you are going for the 100% video game development. So you need to do all of them still open orders and favor and created the missing out on upgrade items and cumulative things. Depending on how hard you have actually been, there are a number of hours of betting you again.

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We would especially like to advise the two new quests Remains of Asgard and A Viking Bottle. The latter serve as an epilogue of the game, in which you bid farewell to a fallen good friend. You have actually now successfully finished the story of God of War Ragnarök. Well done! Now we only have to want you a great deal of enjoyable with the other tasks that are awaiting you in the staying eight worlds.