Korea New Star Times, Mobile Management Simulation World official service starts


The new Star Times of Korea announced on the 23rd that it will start the world’s official service of mobile management simulation developed by the Google Play Store, One Store, and Apple App Store.

The world, which was launched today, is a mobile management simulation game that can achieve romance and honor in the modern city. You can realize everything you thought of as a business owner who runs a large-scale business, the dream of a marriage without a shortage, and the dream of a hobby life without any restrictions. It is especially attractive that you can enjoy everything in the game with a simple touch without much strength.

You can achieve the reality in the game without any restrictions, such as collecting luxury collections such as supercars, luxury yachts, and helicopters, or enjoying luxurious hobbies such as golf, violin and traditional instruments. In addition to the fun of collecting, the company can enjoy the fun of growth such as prosperity and growing houses, luxury collections that are continuously increasing, and increasing honor, and high-end costumes that are unlocked accordingly. In Game Dubbing, famous voice actors Kim Ha-young and SEO Won-seok participated, further enhancing the immersion of the game.

The world of is a coupon code that includes 30 money cards (minutes), 5 workplace designs, 20 experience boxes (small), and 20 random tutoring books for market pre-bookers. CF has been released. In this video, you can see everything you can flex in the game, such as a building owner, or collecting supercars.

In addition to the launch CF, the world also prepared a live broadcast of popular influencer Yew Son and training.

South Korea’s new star Nam Longhorn, a representative of the game business, said, We have started the official service of, he said. Thank you for waiting for the official launch. I hope.