All exclusive versions in Scarlet and Violet Pokemon

According to tradition, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet include exclusive Pokémon that are only organically found in one version or another. This is designed to promote the exchange between the players of each game, as well as between one game and another. Here is everything you need to know about all the exclusive Pokémon of the scarlet and violet version.

All exclusive from the Pokémon Scarlet version

Image Source: The Pokémon Company

  • Portion
  • Armature
  • larvae
  • desk
  • Traitor
  • Pedregoso traveler

Portion is the most notable exclusive because it is the legendary Pokémon that adorns Scarlet’s cover. The story of the game introduces you to Portion, so don’t worry about catching him. Traitor is an incredible Pokémon that has a competitive value, so it is worth looking for a larvae or pupil and evolve it. Armature is one of the first revealed Pokémon of generation nine and has a rare type of fire and psychic.


All exclusive Pokémon’s purple version

Image Source: Nintendo

  • Myrmidon
  • Virulent
  • Wagon
  • Sheldon
  • Salience
  • disco

As you can see, there are six exclusive Pokémon for each game. Salience’s evolutionary line was chosen to coincide with the evolutionary line of Traitor, and Risque and Sojourner are paired because none of them evolves. Pokémon’s elections are consistent, so none of the games has more Pokemon available than the other.

That is all we have above all exclusive versions in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Check out some of our other Scarlet and Violet contents, such as always to get Sun Stones, some clips of game’s performance problems and Regina in Pokédex.

Image Source: The Pokémon Company

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