The very best weapons of Zombie Army 4 Dead War

Rebellion Zombie Army 4: Dead War is available now, and there is no lack of Nazis dead to kill. Taking location in Europe in the 1940s, the game has plenty of action and blood. And it’s great for playing solo or with pals in drop-in/ drop-out coop.

The game provides a variety of weapons, consisting of choosing, consisting of pistols, rifles and secondary weapons. Finding the ideal load can take a while, so we are here to help you find the best weapons to utilize in the video game.

Your taste may vary, depending on whether you desire to use a sniper rifle to eliminate the living dead from a range or to provide a gunshot to their faces. (It is more enjoyable than you believe.) Overall, these are the most efficient choices available, and they enhance as you increase and get more damaging mods.

The finest Zombie Army 4 rifle

The Guitar is probably the most affordable in the group, even if some fans might have one, uh, a charge. The Mosin-Nagant, on the other hand, is extraordinary when you desire your explosion to count, however takes a while to load. Of the 3, the M1 Grand appears the most balanced, particularly since you set up mods. In addition, the way he produces explosions of fire is extremely cool.

Meanwhile, the M1 Grand has a barrel of flame. Pulling it can set fire to zombies, which has to do with as harmful as electric shots. At the beginning, the incendiary mod used with this handgun just sets up crammed shots. As you go up, you can increase the breath for more effect. Once again, it’s excellent to get rid of big groups.

There are three rifles to pick overall, perfect for taking off targets from another location. As with Rebellion’s Elite Games, you can also hold your breath to intend with more precision. It’s exceptional if you try to strike explosive barrels or a heap of suspended metal that can squash everything listed below.

Finally, the Mosin-Nagant M91/ 30 utilizes explosive shots. If you are aiming to make a huge blow, even from a range, it’s an excellent weapon to have. You can also increase its level with your rank, that makes each shooting more harmful and increases its explosion radius.


With the Guitar 43, you are able to establish an electrified barrel. By pulling your shots on the zombies, they pack electrically, eliminating all those around them. The shots only last so long, however they are really effective in cleaning a team of these annoying Nazi zombies.

Winner: M1 Grand

The very best secondary weapon of Zombie Army 4

Then the MP44. This weapon has a great general balance with regard to its rate of shooting and its recharging speed. He has tiny clips, so you might have to charge more typically than anticipated. He shares a line with the Mosin-Nagant M91/ 30 through explosive shots. As you increase it, the MP44 offers you a semi-automatic shot and an increased radius of breath. It is an excellent offer when it concerns cleaning a group rapidly, supplied you can charge in a timely manner.

Like the M1 Grand, the M30 Drilling has a flame cannon. At the start, you will need to wait on his cannon to heat up to shoot it. When you go up level and include mods, you can reduce the length of said barrel, reduce the decrease and enhance the objective. The charging speed likewise increases a little.

He has a sluggish fire rate like the fighter rifle that precedes him. It likewise utilizes an electric mod, which, when upgraded, produces electric arcs to strike the groups, and also obtains an increased rate of shooting.

There is the Thompson Tommy pistol. It is not very great at a distance. It comes with a magnificent mod.

In general, the Thompson Tommy pistol is a preferred for zombie army lovers, and it is simple to see why. However, you can’t actually go wrong with a hunting rifle that can actually spit fire. Again, your choice can vary, however there is something about the power that the drilling M30 has.

In this category, you will find both searching rifles and Assault rifles. The hunting rifles are excellent to explode a zombie on the ground with their surges, although they take a while to recharge. On the other hand, the attack rifles and the shotguns supply greater firepower, however not as effective.

Winner: M30 Drilling

The best zombie army 4 pistol 4

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is now readily available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Disobedience Zombie Army 4: Dead War is offered now, and there is no scarcity of Nazis dead to eliminate. Pulling it can set fire to zombies, which is about as damaging as electric shots. The searching rifles are good to explode a zombie on the ground with their explosions, although they take some time to charge. In general, the Thompson Tommy pistol is a preferred for zombie army lovers, and it is not challenging to see why. He also has a relatively high fire rate, so you can quickly nail numerous strokes on a Nazi zombie.

Winner: M1911.

The C96 pistol has the largest battery charger, which is best for shooting zombies numerous times when they hurry on you. It also includes a Flame Barrel, which you can improve with an increased incendiary explosion and a completely automatic shot. When he reaches this point, he has a great amount of kick.

Although it is the weakest weapons of the video game, they are an excellent secondary tool if you lack ammo for others and do not right away have access to ammunition. In addition, everyone on this list is rather accurate with regard to the shooting.

He likewise has a fairly high fire rate, so you can quickly nail several strokes on a Nazi zombie. He likewise has a big magazine, so charging is not a typical problem. Once you reach level 3, a serrated bayonet also ends up being offered, excellent for melee damage.

The 3 pistols benefit the long term. We would go with the M1911 if we were to pick globally There is no group of zombies that you will not be able to stop when you have improved its divine capacity and added a variety.

And above all, there is the Wesley MK VI. Although somewhat lower than the previous handguns, it makes the noise thanks to its explosive mod. Put it on tension, and you will get its precision a little, in addition to the recharging speed