The best loading and mounting equipment STB 556 in Warzone 2

In Call of Duty War zone 2, players can purchase individual equipment in various ways, and you need to know which weapons are best used on the Asmara map. STB 556 is one of the assault rifles, and it is extremely effective in War zone 2. This universal weapon quickly destroys enemies, regardless of whether you are participating in close combat or firing the enemy at a medium distance. Here are the best nozzles and equipment for STB 556 in War zone 2.

Best STB 556 nozzles for War zone 2

STB 556 is unlocked when players reach the 41st account level. This weapon belongs to the Brien Bull pup platform and is one of the best assault rifles for use in MW2 and War zone 2. Do not forget to increase the level of both MX9 and HCR 56 to unlock all hinged equipment on the Brien Bull pup platform. STB 556 is weak in close combat and decently behaves at the middle distance. Nevertheless, you can equip several devices to create a class arrangement viable at medium and even distant distances. The players should unlock the weapon setup function for this weapon, since the next class setting requires you to configure investments.


  • Recipient: receiver STB 556
  • Muzzle: harbinger D20
    • Set the muzzle for the maximum speed of aiming and the stability of aiming in standby mode.
  • Barrel: 24.4 inches Broken S-620
    • Set the barrel for the maximum speed of aiming and stability of recoil.
  • Optical: ELK 4.0 optics
    • Set the optics to the maximum aiming speed and the position of the distant eye.
  • Supporting: Bunny’s inclined handle
    • Set up the lower part of the barrel for the maximum speed of aiming and controlling the return from the thigh.
  • Rear hand: handle Brien Q900
    • Set the rear handle for the maximum speed of the sprint to fire and the stability of the return.

Best Equipment and Perks for STB 556 in War zone 2

After the equipment of five different nozzles, players need to choose deadly and tactical equipment, as well as choose perks for this user equipment. Here are the best equipment and perks for STB 557 AR.

  • Deadly: Steam
  • Tactical: drill charge
  • Perks: weapons specialist

To purchase this individual equipment in War zone 2, players can spend $5,000 in the store. In the same way, you can also penetrate the fortress and defeat the AI fighters in order to get equipment. There are also Black sites and Loadout Drops, but these places are very disputed by opponents. We recommend buying this equipment in the store, but be careful, as enemies often break the camps in these places.

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