Enpixel, partnership with L1 blockchain AppTOS

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] En pixel (co-representative BAE Bong-gun, Jung Hyundai) signed a partnership with the layer 1 blockchain ‘AUTOS’ and will build a full-fledged web 3.0-based game ecosystem ‘Megapixel’ It was announced on the 16th.


App TOS is a layer1 blockchain that utilizes the programming language ‘MOVE’, and has officially launched the main net in October, focusing on stability and flexibility.

Megapixel is a web 3.0-based game ecosystem that incorporates blockchain technology with En pixel intellectual property (IP). It aims to continue to grow accessibility and user experience and value.

In particular, En pixel plans to establish a partnership in the game category for the first time in App TOS and to establish a megapixel ecosystem based on their stability and flexibility.

The megapixel is a web 3.0 ecosystem that allows you to own, share assets through blockchain technology, said KOH Jungian. I will do it.

Meanwhile, En pixel is a game developer founded in September 2017, and is developing the next film, ‘Granada’, and is developing the next film, Throne Odyssey. Since last year, the company has been operating a dedicated organization ‘Meta Headquarters’ to discover new businesses such as combination between blockchain and game.