Smilegate Indie Game Festival Burning Beaver 2022 Begins

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] Smile gate Future Lab Center (hereinafter referred to as Future Lab) announced on the 14th that it will start a reservation for the indie game festival ‘burning beaver 2022’.

burning beaver 2022 is an online and offline hybrid festival that displays creators’ indie games. Jam etc. are also introduced.

The offline event will be held at Garosu-gil venue from December 16 to 18, and will be held online until January 15, next year at Smile gate Stove’s social video platform P.POOL.


burning beaver 2022 ticket reservation is available in Never reservation. You can play 80 games when you buy offline tickets. In addition to burning beaver 2022 Goods, ‘Lost Arc’, ‘Tales Runner’ in-game coupons, goods, and stove indie game purchase discount coupons will be provided.

You can play more than 150 games (including offline exhibition games) when purchasing online tickets, and participate in the conference ‘Beaverton 2022’. Beaverton 2022 is a conference that anyone can participate as a presenter.