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Tower of Fanty reveals the novelties of confusing maze, version 2.1 of the game

Tower of Fanty continues to grow and win followers. Gotta Studio’s RPG Free to play continues Confusing and available on November 22 . On these lines you can see the trailer.

The confusing labyrinth is a huge and mysterious underground labyrinth located in the depths of mirror . The matter in this space full of chaos does not obey any known law of the universe. In the midst of the dark, the nomads will find a variety of types of land and fabulous landscapes, including the ruins of an unknown civilization , says the synopsis.

Tower of Fanty codes in November 2022

  • 9aa5gfyg


How to redeem Tower of Fanty codes

Then we leave you with the steps to exchange codes in Tower of Fanty:

  • The first thing is to open the game and log in with your user account. Then, squeeze the ALT and CHAT key click on the gift package icon.
  • The next step is to enter the you will get and then exchange tab.
  • A text box will appear on the right with a space to enter the code. Do it and click Confirm. You will unlock the reward right there.

We remind you that Tower of Fanty is a free game (free to play) available on PC and Android and iOS devices. Here are the download links for each platform.

  • Download Tower of Fanty Free on PC
  • Download Tower of Fanty Free on Android (Google Play)

  • Download Tower of Fanty Free on iOS (Apple Store)

If you still do not know the game, in this link we tell you what it is and what to expect from it, and in this other you have the technical requirements to play on PC. far the million-dollar question is concerned, there is still no information about your arrival to consoles.