[Notice] Notice of Twitter provisional account creation

For readers who enjoy GameSpark on a daily basis.

Seven days have passed since Spoken (@) was locked on twitter.

We are sorry for your sudden contact.

In the world, when Iron Musk was doing Twitter well, on November 4, 2022, it was unable to access the account without any reason.

We are very regrettable that we didn’t understand anything about Twitter…

However, it is an embarrassing story, but there is more time to be unbearable because there is no work that is uneasy about the one who plays a lonely co-op game every day and the large number of RTs on Twitter.

In other words, adult situation was revived with another account (@un).

As before, I would like to talk more about games if possible. Follow, wait.

In short.

In response to the lock status of our magazine Inside Twitter account that has been continuing since the other day, we have been able to take the current two editorial departments.

Since only the inside was revived

Because only the inside was revived! !

The story that if you appeal directly to Elon Musk, you will have to be convinced that it was an urban legend, so we will temporarily resume Twitter with a new account.

I think it may cause inconvenience for a while, but I would be grateful if you could still be patronized. In addition, we will announce it again when the account with the future is revived.

New account: https://twitter.com/un