Star Citizen: When will the game that never ready be finally released?

Star Citizen is at the same time one of the most anticipated and controversial titles in the history of the game industry. Announced in 2012 and in pre-production since 2012, the game has raised more than $500 million in donations through a crowdfunding campaign, but to this day has not even an official date. Of launching. However, today there is at least one estimate of when the first person shooting MMO and space combat, set in an open universe, will finally arrive in its version 1.0.

In January, in a report published by MCV Develop magazine, Cloud Imperium Games developers avoided nailing a date for the launch of Star Citizen, but rated the game as a 5-year mission, indicates that the title can be released in Some time of 2027. Still, the development team seemed extremely vague in giving this estimate.

controversy involving a multimillionaire project

Sold by director Chris Roberts and the Cloud Imperium team as one of the most ambitious games of all time, even being classified as a title of open universe instead of the traditional open world expression, Star Citizen already game with more development cost expensive of all time, at least officially.

Despite another 508.6 million collected so far, the project seems so ambitious that not even the development team itself knows for sure how to complete it before the more than 4.14 million donors begin to complain about the delay in The finalization of the game, which will take, in the most optimistic projections, at least 15 years between the ad and the official release.

In May 2019, when Star Citizen had already raised more than $300 million, a report from Forbes magazine pointed out that MMO might never actually get ready to be played. According to sources heard by journalists Matt Perez and Nathan Verdi, of the more than $288 million raised to Star Citizen by the end of 2017, only $14 million left in the imperium cloud coffers, not for any kind of crime as deviation as a deviation of recovers, but by incompetence and mismanagement on a galactic scale.

In short, the Forbes duo pointed out that Star Citizen is such an ambitious project that Chris Roberts and company cannot manage the money raised in the best way. Although the title is in the Alpha phase and has already been tested by people who contributed to the project, the fact is that Star Citizen is far from completed.

During this time, the Cloud Imperium team also announced a single player title set in Star Citizen’s universe called Squadron 42 and starring actor Mark Ham mil, eternalized as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. Despite aggressive marketing and more than $200 million extra collected since the publication of Forbes report, Star Citizen today is an unfinished project, with a long period of development and release only estimated for 2027, but without any robust guarantee that the 5-year mission quotes by Devs will be fulfilled during this period.