Stranger Things VR It is official: become a neighborhood and the revenge against eleven orchestra

It is official, the Duffer brothers saga returns to video games. Netflix and Tender Claws have uncovered Stranger Things VR, a video game that will see the light in winter of 2023 and that will allow us to embody the forces of evil against eleven and the group of friends of him. In fact, we can put ourselves in the poor of the very evil one we met in seon 4 of the series, The fearsome neighborhood . Will you get your revenge? Now up to you.

He plays a neighborhood in this new adventure in virtual reality, says the developer in the description of the title. Become a an explorer of unknown realities while you create a hive mind and dozens the void. Players will have to invade minds and conjure nightmares with a single objective in mind: revenge on eleven and all the people of Hawkins.

Stranger Things is not a rookie in video games

Tender Claws is not a new study in this virtual reality. They are the authors of titles such Virtual reality or The Under Present. for Stranger Things, it is not a novice saga in this video game, although they have not yet launched any triple type project A . Telltale Game, The Walking Dead study, w working on a narrative adventure, but the bankruptcy of the study caused the cancellation of the project.

Stranger Things will return for a fifth and final seon. In an interview with indie Wire, the Duffer brothers said they were doing everything possible to focus on the group of original characters. According to their words, provided they present a new character, they guarantee that integrates into the narrative. The series h a great ct of characters, so they are very careful at the time to integrate key characters like Eddie Manson.

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