LOL: Fans suggest that Faker wins his own champion if he wins the Worlds 2022

The grand final of the World 2022, the League of Legends World, takes place this Saturday (5), at 21h (asília time). The confrontation between T1 and DRX is making the community quite anxious, especially those who are part of Faker’s fans group, LOL’s three-time world champion pro player because the player may be about to win his fourth worlds. With that in mind, Player fans had an idea: If Faker beats Mob’s 2022 World Cup, Riot Games should give his own champion.

Faker should win his own lol champion?


In a Reddit post that has accumulated more than 2,400 upbeats, Faker fans are excited by the grand final of the World Cup and the possibility of Faker becoming quarter. According to them, if the title comes true, Riot Games should produce Killable Demon King, Faker’s title in English, which in Portuguese means something like: Demon King who doesn’t die. That is, create a champion for Faker.

The post already has over 300 comments, with some people agreeing and others disagreeing. For most of them, the idea of creating a Faker-oriented whole champion, with history and mechanics being probably based on pro player’s personal tastes, is very grand, and could, for example, be replaced by creating a player’s skin to Some champion of your choice.

This way, instead of Faker winning a champion of his choice with T1 skin, which will happen if the organization wins today’s final, he would win, for example, a Rye with his own appearance. Who there can imagine this possibility?

Remember that having its own champion or skin in the game is one of the few things Riot could still give Faker, if we think the player has starred in animations and even advertisements from the developer, and has earned episodes in company documentaries and even your own doll.