Great losses of Warner Bros. Discovery insinuate price increase in HBO Max

As already known, these days Warner Bros. Discovery has had to take action on the matter with respect to its streaming content, removing several series and canceling some others that were about to be launched. And during the most recent gain call, the president, David Slav, almost states that the company lost 2.8 million in the last quarter.

This is what he said about it:

From our point of view, spending money with total abandonment at the service of subhuman construction is deeply defective.

Slav defended the retreat of content of HBO Max mentioning that they have learned what does not work and that the service obtains the content that does not work. He reiterated the WB Discovery position against direct streaming films, saying that they do almost nothing for the audience and retention, and that WB Discovery will focus on franchises in the future.

The CEO mentions that things are going to change on a large scale, that begins with the issue that they are going to merge their platforms to have everything in one place. Although this could also have the impact of a price increase. For a long time they have remained with a figure, just as he did Netflix , and it is evident that with inflation the price must grow.

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Editor’s note: Surely prices will see their increase, although by removing the content, not all users decide to renew the subscription. But we will have to wait to see how everything develops.