League of legends

Director of LOL MMO reveals new details about the game and its monetization

Riot Games has taken on dozens of projects in recent years, but we can safely say that none is as large as the League of Legends MMO. A game that promises to be giant, whose announcement was made several years before being ready enough to show players even an image. However, the endeavor’s director, who has talked a lot about the game on several occasions, revealed some details in an interesting interview with a content creator. He even dared to talk about the planned monetization system for the game.

The details of MMO revealed by its director

In the interview with Canon, creator of MMO genre, director of the next great game of Riot was subjected to a battery of questions that started as a pleasant discussion about this type of game and the way the company works. However, neither YouTuber nor Ghost crawler had popes in his tongue. When asked about his satisfaction with the budget granted to him for the project, the head of the League of Legends MMO did not hesitate to answer.

Riot Games will cancel this game if not good enough, but not because it is too expensive (…) is not a blank check. The team should prove that the money invested was worth it. However, we are not a Small company that will run out of money, explained the director. We would like to deepen these statements with additional explanations of the studio, which would ensure that development is on the right track and that they are proud of what they already have on the table, but for now this is a theoretical assumption and not a real possibility at the moment.

Still on the financial theme, Ghost crawler approached the LOL MMO monetization systems. There are not many surprises, but at the same time, he made interesting statements. The game will not have a signature model, i.e. it will be free to play, and microtransactions will be based only on cosmetics. I can say for sure that we will not play a game ‘pay to win’ or ‘pay to power’ (…) if life complicated, and you can not pay the signature, I prefer you to keep playing. Riot makes with his free model to play monetized only in cosmetics, continued the developer.

We did the math and there is a world where it works. In which there are enough players spending on cosmetics to finance everything, said Ghost crawler. Of course, there is still a long way to go before the game’s launch, but it seems clear that from now on the League of Legends MMO is a free-to-play title in which you will not have to pay for improvements that affect your players’ performance or to be more effective in EVE.

It is a bold play by Riot Games, which comes to the industry ready to change its traditional operational model. Tower of Fantasy, Lost Ark or New World have systems that invite players to spend money just to play, in exchange for combat improvements or to progress faster. The legendary World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV require monthly signature to play, which can ward off potential players. We will have to wait a few more years, but we cannot deny that we can Barely wait to see what MMO League of Legends has to offer.

You can watch Canon’s full interview on your YouTube channel.