Full release of Traha Global that tastes combat hand without automatic

Moat Games officially launched its MMORPG Tr aha Global.

Tr aha Global is an MMORPG developed by Moi Games, who introduced Tr aha. It supports manual battles without automatically, and is characterized by Infinity Class, which changes weapons and fights.

Prior to its launch, it conducted a private test in July and achieved 1 million global pre-booking. Through Google Play, apple app store, and Steam, it is provided as a global one-building in more than 170 countries, including China, Japan, and Vietnam, and supports Korean, English, Chinese, and Chinese. In addition, communication channels are operated in Discords, Facebook, and Never Café.

In order to commemorate the official launch, you will be able to open the puzzle after clearing the mission in the game, and the on-time event will be provided when you connect to a specific time. The official community also has a certification event that rewards you when you participate in RVR content. In addition, the legendary rating pet ‘Little Chef SHU’ and the legendary rating ‘Ghost Wolf Lenin’ will be paid.

Lee Chan, CEO of Moi Games, said, We have officially launched Tr aha Global. I tried to enjoy the game because I tried.


For more information, please visit the Tr aha Global Café.