Summers War: Chronicle, expanded to service channel steam

Comes (CEO Song Jae-won, Lee Johan) will expand the service channel of summoned MMORPG ‘Summers War: Chronicle (hereinafter Chronicle)’, which is scheduled to be launched in November, to the global PC game platform steam, and speed up the local market.

Com2uS has confirmed North America, the world’s largest game market, as the first overseas entry of Chronicle, and has begun to preheat global box office. Currently, Chronicle has been making advance reservations for North American users such as the US and Canada through global app markets and local brand sites since September.

In addition, Comes has expanded the channel to the game platform steam used by the world so that local users can play more conveniently and conveniently, which can be played on various devices such as mobile and PCs.

In North America, which has a relatively high proportion of consoles and PCs, the company plans to secure many local PC game users, and provide rich storytelling and deep content with sophisticated feeling and improved graphic quality.

Comes will also expand the market by increasing access to ‘Chronicle’ by providing a play environment in various devices such as mobile and PCs through hive cross play and allowing the PC version to enjoy the PC version with steam. Is expected.

‘Chronicle’ is a global hit game that has surpassed 160 million downloads worldwide. Immediately after the domestic launch, the company has achieved the top 10 sales of the two app markets, including Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Meanwhile, ‘Chronicle’ is the world’s largest game market in November, and ‘Summers War’ IP fandom will pioneer the global market from North America, which is the most widely prominent. Since then, the company plans to expand the service area sequentially based on the achievements and know-how of the Korean and North American markets.