LOL: Who is Szygenda? All about the possible first signing of Koi for the next season

In the special retransmission in which IAI announced the fusion between Rogue and KOI, the content creator assured that the League of Legends template would not suffer major changes. However, and although we do not doubt the continuous desire of an organization that has managed to settle in the top positions of the European competition, everything indicates that there will be at least one signing for the initial quintet. We refer to Agenda , a player to which the leaks point out as a possible substitute for a DONE that will leave the club when its contract ends on November 21, 2022.

Agenda is the type of signing that IAI chose Rogue

Having started competing as soon as he turned 16 that Riot Games stipulates as a minimum age, Agenda is considered one of the most promising ’to planers in the European continent. Player with a marked offensive cut and a spectacular performance in the line phase. In 71.4% of the 276 games he has played throughout his career he accumulated advantage of subjects after the first fifteen minutes , also imposing himself in experience and being a player capable of measuring his aggressiveness he barely grants The first blood to the rivals.

The data, although they are very positive, would not be possible not to be for Agenda’s style. Every time the opportunity arises, the player prefers to bet on characters capable of carrying the initiative and inflicting damage to the rivals. His most played champions are Gangplank (32 times), Matrix (25) and Benetton (25). However, the rings are not dropped when you have to play another type of League of Legends. He has chosen ORAN on 20 occasions having been able to win 65% of these meetings. He also used Sion , these two being the only ‘tanks’ that he uses relatively common.

Even in 2021, where he competed on LEC, he got good performances at the individual level . In spring, he formed in a totally unstructured Team Vitality being one of the few teams of the team. He had great performance and, despite this, the French club relegated him to the Academy. The error became evident just a few weeks later. Facing the second of the Summer Split of LEC 2021 they returned to him again becoming qualifying to some playoffs in which they were about to leave Fanatic out of the competition.

ODOM will turn 28 from the beginning of the next season of LEC and, although it has long been approaching thirty not necessarily that must be the imminent withdrawal of the player, a great progression is not expected from him. In that sense, Agenda’s signing is logical . It is younger, has a profile similar to that of the to planers that have obtained the best results and will offer a good immediate performance. In addition, they already know the club. It was at the Rogue Academy where he managed to win the European Masters before making the leap to Team Vitality.


It should be remembered that Rogue’s good job in sports terms was the main reason why IAI decided that KOI enters the LEC through a merger and not directly buying a place. The rogues have managed to make the necessary changes to It seemed impossible to replace Hans Samey or Inspired, but it was after his march that the team got his first continental title.