How to perform a curse Curse in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dream light Valley, players will meet various popular characters with unique tasks and awards. You need to increase the level of friendship with all the characters you meet in the valley to unlock their chains of tasks. Mother Hotel from Rapunzel: A Partial History is one of the characters, and she entrusts the players with various tricky quests. the curse quest is one of the missions of the mother Hotel, and this is a necessary condition for the start of the storyline of the scar. Here’s how to fulfill the curse quest in Disney Dream light Valley.

Where to Start the curse quest in Disney Dream light Valley?

To start the cement Curse, talk with Merlin and go to Poland of trust . Here you will see a giant tree in the center of a biome covered with dark foggy shadows. BOOM GRAIN CREATIVE should be unlocked in the first place, and you will need to spend 5000 dreams for access to this region. Go through a wooden bridge and enter a tree to find mother Hotel . Interact with the mother of Hotel, and she will tell how the curse locked her inside the giant tree. She leads you to a pillar in a clearing of trust and shows that the restoration of the confidence sphere on his pillar will remove the curse of dark magic.

Unfortunately, the scope of trust is on a broken path, which, it would seem, cannot be reached. You will need to interact with Merlin as well as Ursula after that purchase transformation spell . Ursula claims that in order for the spell to work, Christoph must forget his memories of Anna. Interact with Chris toff, and he will abandon his memories for the sake of business. To create a spell, players will also need five fragments of night and five fragments of dreams.

Visit Ursula in her cave, give her materials, and she will also ask for a little of your magic so that the spell works. You will turn into a spiritual form of light blue, and, being in this form, you can go to a clearing of trust to get to the sphere of trust. Cross the broken bridge, take the scope of trust and attach it to the pillar in the meadow of trust to scatter the dark fog. Return to your mother Hotel, who will tell you about your past, having completed the cave curse in the Dream light Disney Valley.

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