The best builder build in Steelrising

The Bodyguard class in Steering relies on a heavy weapon that inflicts destructive strong attacks. Players can use five different types of weapons, each of which causes large shock damage. It can be difficult for players to get used to the slower style of the game, but most of the strengths of the bodyguard depends on his ability to withstand the blows. These are the best bodyguards for bodyguards at the beginning, middle and end of the game in Steel rising.

Creation of the best bodyguard build in Steel rising

The strongest sides of the bodyguard are that he is tanking his face, causing damage in response. Durability and also engineering is important for maintaining the life of the player and simultaneous application of large damage. An increase in balance, health and armor will make the player almost indestructible, but, more importantly, unshakable. It relies on five types of weapons, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Bu lava/Hammer *-heavy and slow weapons that inflict a large amount of shock damage.
Wheels -they look like maces, but they apply wider, sweeping attacks with a large amount of shock damage.
chains -the fastest of heavy weapons, which has a large radius of action and inflicts a moderate amount of shock damage.
Alabama *-Like chains with their large radius of action, halberds are faster and cause moderate damage.
batons *-hybrid weapons for users of strength and alchemy, which use paired weapons to apply physical and alchemical damage.

Best Assembly of a bodyguard for an early game in Steel rising

The bodyguard starts with more durability as well as engineering , which makes it the best protective option of four classes. This is relatively slow, but players will be able to withstand a lot of strokes without problems. Just because players begin with strength kinship do not mean that they should adhere to it all the time. However, in order to use the strengths of the class, players must choose a weapon that causes a lot of damage. Charmed damage from the attack when using modules that increase this. At the beginning of the game, the most optimal build will be:

  • Weapon
    Work plan *-For pure damage from the blow.
    Ala bard Rival -for long damage.
    Fire chain -for spontaneous damage.
    Wheel of revenge *-for damage from impact and charged attack.
    armor *

Any *-Armor for assembling the bodyguard is aimed either to be as protective as possible, or to increase the rest of the means is high enough to withstand any attacks.
Module of enhanced armor of the 1st degree -increases armor to increase both balance and protection.
* Class I endurance module -increases endurance and balance.

If players feel that they do not inflict enough damage, they should slightly increase the level of strength. The balance should be high enough not to stagger when hit, and this is not what players need to increase the level too much.

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The best builder build in the middle of the game in Steel rising

Having received a much better equipment, having formed charged attack The assembly becomes much more feasible in Steel rising. Players should be able to withstand almost any blow without shaking, and even use alchemy weapons to force enemies to stay in place if they are broken. Frost and also petrification grenades are extremely useful if the players want to use them. Fire chain can still be used with great efficiency, as well as wheel of revenge but these are additional options to which players should access:

  • Weapon
    Led Ale bard *-Fast, easy to use and inflicts a lot of damage from Charged Attack and Impact.
    Network Pore vita -has a quick special technique that causes the more damage, the closer the player is to the enemy. Great choice instead of a hacks wall of a mushroom.
    A salvo Mallet -has the same set of techniques as Body of Work, but inflicts more damage on its own and using a special reception. He is also able to stun enemies outside the attack.
    The wheel discount *-a stronger version of the wheel of retaliation with its own special attack, which causes large shock damage.
    Any -Armor should be replaced by one that has more armor and balance, or to the one that has the highest alchemical stability for what the player encounters.
    modules *
    Stable charging module Grade II -increases the balance during charged attacks, which reduces the likelihood of stunning during attack.
    Effective charging class II -increases damage caused by a completely charged attack. Ideal for this assembly.
    * Module of endurance of the II degree -energy does not always need to be improved, and it may take some time to increase the player’s level, so this module will increase endurance for any player that needs it.

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The modernized modules at this stage of the game will be very useful to the player and give him what he needs to cover everything that he did not update. The same method for using charged attacks for damage still remains, but as soon as the players feel that they have enough resistance, they can begin to really focus on applying a large amount of damage using their build. The goal is to invest more energy in order to begin to destroy enemies with one completely charged attack.

Best Assembly of the bodyguard for the late game in Steel rising

The late game Steel rising should mean that players have at least one or two completely updated modules slots. If the players found the weapon they like, they must adhere to it. By the time the end of the game comes, they will find even more weapons, but they do not have to use it. This is all that players can use Bodyguard for their builds:

  • Weapon
    Chop of Requiem *-The best version of the hammer and hammer with the strongest charged attack of all.
    Later The steering wheel -a wheel with a very strong special technique that inflicts three strokes in a row, each of which inflicts a large amount of shock damage.
    Holy Elmo/ Tubes with a glass core -Both batons are best used for hybrid assembly of alchemy. Although both cause decent damage, they lack very strong charged attacks.
    armor *
    Any -By the end of the game, players will increase their strength and engineering so that the armor will not be very important. If the players do not have enough balance, then it is best to use the armor that increases it, otherwise players can choose everything they wish, depending on the situation.
    A stable charging module of class III *-If the players do not have enough balance, this module guarantees that they will not be stunned when performing a charged attack.
    Effective charging class III -the use of this with its level of level II will make charged attacks capable of impressing most enemies in the game.
    Module of destruction of the III degree -the best module in the game that increases physical damage and combines with other similar modules.

The assembly of the bodyguard is slightly different from the assembly of a soldier, but this is a safe bet for players who are poorly familiar with the genre and want safety, not gross strength.

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