Logitech launches a new gaming mouse G502 x series

Logitech (President Jungkook CHO), a personal peripheral device, has officially launched three new Gaming Mouse series ‘G502 X’.


The G502 X Series is a new gaming mouse series, which is an upgraded design of Logitech’s gaming gear brand Logitech G’s popular product, G502, for the convenience of the user, and applied with the latest innovative technology optimized for gaming trends. ‘G502 x’ wired gaming mouse, ‘G502 X LightS peed’ wireless gaming mouse with excellent connectivity and ‘G502 X Plus’ wireless gaming mouse with colorful RGB lighting. It is characterized by expanding consumers’ options.

The strengths of the G502 X series are the upgraded parts and performance for gameplay. All three series are equipped with a Lightface Hybrid Optical Mechanical Switch to minimize click delay and speed up the response. You can also experience the stable click and cheerful sound of the mechanical switch, and you can use it for a long time because of less wear. The tracking sensor is also equipped with the HERO 25K gaming sensor to accurately track fine movements even in an environment of 400 IPS or more. DPI also supports up to 25,600, and you can select one of the five sensitivity settings in Logitech G Hub software.

The Referable removable button on the side of the product makes it easy to adjust the DPI, switching to the hand size and the mouse grip style, or replacing it with a separate cover. In the case of scroll wheels, the weight is reduced, and the speed is increased, and the setting button at the top of the wheel can be used by switching high speed and precision mode. The product exterior is also made of thin and hard material, and the floor surface is also made of PTFE material that minimizes friction.

The wireless model G502 X LightS peed and the G502 X Plus have been upgraded to increase the response rate by 68% compared to the previous generation by applying the upgraded Logitech LightS peed technology. The G502 X Plus provides a more gorgeous gaming experience with the eight customized lighting effects based on Lighting RGB. Recognizing hand movements, the lighting is automatically turned off when unused, and the battery efficiency is also high. Both products are compatible with Logitech Overplay, and the G502 X Plus can be used up to 130 hours (RGB lighting off) and the G502 x LightS peed up to 140 hours.

In this release, various promotions will be held. From today (20th), Logitech official Never Brand Store will launch a launch promotion such as a gift for new customers and a Pay. In particular, Hyundai Premium Outlet Song do Store will hold various events such as lucky draw vending machine events and photo zone certification events for pop-up store visitors.

Logitech Korea, CHO Jungkook, said, The ‘G502 X’ gaming mouse series is a new series that upgraded the G502 mouse, which was loved by domestic consumers to the changed environment, he said. We will do our best to ensure that the G502 X series can be loved for a long time in the gaming mouse market.