It is not the Game of Game of Thrones Starbucks, but HBO will fix another error in the dragons house

In the third episode of the Dragon House (the second of his name), King Misery gives a letter to one of his soldiers. So far, all normal, but the spectators have discovered a small Gaza, we report in meditation. No, a gls of Starbucks h not been ct in Game of Thrones, but it is appreciated that Two of the monarch’s fingers are colored green , a sign that special effect personnel have happened to special effects have happened for high. Now, variety advances that HBO will correct the failure.

It is not strange that something like that happens. In addition, this kind of failures usually corrected quickly. Another series of one of the most popular sag, Star Wars: The Mandalorian , starred in a similar anecdote in its second seon: the jeans of one of the technical team members sneaked into the scene.

The dragon house, with Star Wars technology

That The Mandalorian and Dragon’s house have had the occional Gaza is not the only thing that both sag have in common. Boca Raton, the ancestral home of the Targaryen since they conquered west, h been designed with Stagecraft, the technology also known volume. It consists of surrounding the filming set with high quality screens, which reproduce parts of the stage using the Video Game Engine.


The Dragon House is a series that takes place about 200 years before the events narrated in Game of Thrones. Misery is the king of the seven kingdoms, at let until his days end. The thorny issue of succession is the main theme of this first seon, w the ce in Game of Thrones, although the differential element is that at this time they have dragons … Many dragons. And the contestants will not hesitate to use them against each other.