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Sega: Huge Drive Mini 2 can now be pre -purchased in Europe

Title Type .
Devi & Pii Formerly unpublished.
Fantasy Zone New port.
Area Harrier II (+ Room Harrier) New ports.
Spatter New port.
Celebrity Mobile Previously unpublished.
Super Locomotive New port.
VS Puyo Sunlight New port.

Pegi approval: 16.

The package consists of:

  • 1 x console.
  • 1 x controller (6 keys).
  • 1 x high-speed HDMI cable television.
  • 1 x USB power line.

The Huge Drive Mini 2 features 60 titles from Sega’s varied magazine, including-for the very first time-playing from the Mega CD era, new ports as well as previously unpublished games.

Title Type .
After Burner II Cartridge.
Unusual Soldier Cartridge.
Atomic runner Cartridge.
Gold Mine Bros. Cartridge.
Clayfighter Cartridge.
Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf Cartridge.
Earthworm Jim 2 Cartridge.
Elemental Master Cartridge.
Deadly Fierceness 2 Cartridge.
Pick Up Speed Cartridge.
Golden Ax II Cartridge.
Granada Cartridge.
Hellfire Cartridge.
Fight it out 2 Cartridge.
Twelve O’clock At Night Resistance Cartridge.
Elude Cartridge.
Outrunners Cartridge.
Phantasy Star II Cartridge.
Populous Cartridge.
Rainbow Islands-Extra Cartridge.
Ranger-X Cartridge.
Ristar Cartridge.
Rolling Rumbling 2 Cartridge.
Darkness Professional Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi Cartridge.
Radiating Force II Cartridge.
Radiating in the Darkness Cartridge.
Soleil Cartridge.
Sonic 3D Blast Cartridge.
Splatterhouse 2 Cartridge.
Streets of Rage 3 Cartridge.
Super slope-on Cartridge.
Super Road Competitor II the New Challengers Cartridge.
The Muck Cartridge.
The Retribution of Shinobi Cartridge.
Toejam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron Cartridge.
Truxton Cartridge.
Vectoran 2 Cartridge.
Perspective Cartridge.
Virtua auto racing Cartridge.

WARSONG | Cartridge.
Ecco the Dolphin | Huge CD.
Ecco: The Tide of Time | Mega CD.
Last Battle CD | Mega CD.
Night Striker | Mega CD.
Night Trap | Huge CD.
Robo Aleste | Huge CD.
Drain Shark | Mega CD.
Beaming Force CD | Huge CD.
Silpheed | Mega CD.
Sonic the Hedgehog CD | Mega CD.
The Ninjarriors | Mega CD.
Yumemi Mystery Estate | Huge CD.

  • Pre-order Sega Huge Drive Mini 2 from euros

The Sega Corporation has actually verified that pre-orders for the Sega Huge Drive Mini 2 are currently possible in Europe. The Sega Huge Drive Mini 2 is arranged to be released on October 27, 2022.

Consoles Capacities: 120.8 mm (B) x 32.3 mm (H) x 116.5 mm (t).

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