League of legends

LOL: Geekside Esports team retains its place after beating Eternal Krakens in Volcano League

Closing the last meeting to define which team will be left with the last place inside the volcano League we see two squads ready to fight with everything, on the one hand Geekside Esports wants to keep things the same on the other hand Eternal Krakens wants to get triumphant To be a new recruit within the competition, a better five that puts the fanatic to see who stays with the position.

For the first game we see a team of Geekside that is not afraid of anything, pulling forward and with a Bel’veth in the hands of Sunriser manage to make a difference from the beginning of the match to give them an advantage important that will serve them in a good way to make the rivals stay at the base, with a thrust that helps them close the encounter things stay for ge.

In the second map, the prominence is again for the Jungrado of the Geeks squad that takes a sejuani with which he manages to hit the rivals to the ground using mass control to punish the rivals, little by little They get the advantage to put the opposites against the ropes, the GE team manages to put things in their favor to finish the game.


Going to the third scenario we see how Sunriser repeats the emptiness entity to continue conquering with the great work he has done throughout the games, despite the fact that the Krakens seek to respond are short of force before the force Of the geeks that seek to close things on this map, with a very well executed map management the ge ends the series in their favor.

With difficulties in the season but coming out in the important games to keep their quota within the Ecuadorian competition, they now seek competitive instances within the national tournament.