How to use emotions in Evade – Roblox

Evade is a great terrible game for Roblox, full of terrible flashing lights and heartbreaking screamers. But there is a turn! All deadly bots that are hunting for you every round resemble recognizable memes, which allows the game to keep carelessness and allows players to enjoy it regardless of their fate. Unite with others to survive in the round, and buy special equipment and objects to help. You can even take a break from fear with the help of funny emotions that allow you to dance, sleep and perform other stupid actions.

Emotions can be funny animations from riding to unique and cult dances. To use them during the game, click grams on the keyboard, and then click the corresponding number 1-4 . To stop emotions, press G again, otherwise you will not be able to move and will be vulnerable to approaching bots. First you need to make sure that you have emotions to use them.


How to equip an emotion in Evade

To use emotions, they must be equipped. In the main menu, press the Equipment button button on the left side, then go to inventory menu. From there you can click the Emotion button button on the right side, Select every emotion You would like to equip them **. You can use up to four different emotions at the same time.

How to get emotions in Evade

If your inventory has no emotions yet, do not worry. You can buy emotions in cash for equipment, character menu. Emotions can cost from $ 150 and higher depending on dance or animation. Layers are quite easy to earn, just playing the game, so you can accumulate them to quickly get what you want. Other emotions may require you to the highest level before they are unlocked, which means that you will have to continue to play and increase the level as much as possible to get these best emotions.

Emotions are a funny animation that destroys the ghosts of the game and allows players to interact and spend good time together. There are so many stupid and recognizable dances, so increase the level and copy the money to collect all the good!

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