Why already remake? Lao Remake Developer

When The Last of Earth Part 1 was first released, many fans in this series were welcomed and questioned. This is because the original has already been remastered as a new model, and two episodes have been released. In particular, as it turned out that it was a full-price game, there were also users who criticized it because it was too much to sell the same game three times at the same price. There was also a complaint about the only part of the PS5.

Game Mecca talked about Nui Ti Dog’s Sean Escape Creative Director, Matthew Gallant Game Director, and The Last of Earth Part 1. Despite this controversy, Nutti Dog’s development team said he didn’t want to miss the various details that could only be implemented with the latest technology. In particular, the price controversy expressed confidence, saying, It will never be enough to compare with other PS5 games in the present age.

Q. Last of Earth Remaster, which was released for PS4, is also well received for high quality. In the meantime, I’m curious about the reason for the production of Last of Earth Part 1 again.

Sean Eskig (Sean) : The Last of Earth and Remaster were virtually no different between visual faithfulness and technology. Therefore, I felt that it was very important to extend the two parts to one part. Basically, I preserved what the players thought were important, but I made part 2 to strengthen the technical aspects that had created an original user experience for 10 years. To this end, new arts, new lights, character animations and expressions are improved. This is better suited to the acting of the actors. The PS3 and the PS5 are completely different, so I used it. Players will now be able to catch the subtle nuances of the character expression.

** Q. I would have wanted to add a new element or story that wasn’t in the first episode during development.

Sean : In fact, a lot of new stories came out inside the developer, but I always thought carefully. This is because the basic narrative must remain the same. Still, there is a change. In simple terms, it was made more lush in the space where people did not live, or on the contrary, the trees were cut in the safety zone to make it more people. Overall, I tried to provide a better experience, but I didn’t want to create something else in the process.

Matthew Gallant (hereinafter referred to as Matthew) : As you produced the game, I first identified what was old. The story was not included there. The story of the original was still amazing, and the actor was excellent. Everything related to this was beyond the times. As a result, the company has established a new one for technology, gameplay, and artistic foundation, so that this original story can be better conveyed.

Q. In fact, it feels a little early to remake. Nevertheless, why did you decide to remake so quickly?

Sean : You might think it’s early. However, there have been clear parts that have already been limited for technical reasons since they were already produced. In addition to the environmental details of the game mentioned above, there were a lot of regret in many areas, including NPC and cut scene. However, as part 2 was developed and the PS5 came out, it had the opportunity to reinstall it. This made the Last of Earth the world much more lively. For example, from visuals such as the eyes, eyes, and face of the character, to the insects twisted on the arm, and the part that does not look like a moss bushing on the legs. When Ellie ran away from Tommy’s house, she could describe more emotions, such as Eli’s shedding tears, trembling eyes and red skin.


Matthew : Compared to all other PS5 games this year, it will be a good game. In fact, I did my best to make a game that feels modern and perfect in many ways.

Q. Why did you decide to release the game only in PS5, not Cross Platform? What is the element of the game that is only available in PS5?

Matthew : There are many things that can only be done in PS5 in many technical aspects. From 60 frame performance mode, 3D audio and haptic feedback. These technologies, which are only available in the latest consoles, were key.

Q. I want to hear more about permanent death mode or speed run mode .

Matthew : In Speed Run Mode, you can display the timer directly on the screen so that it is suitable for this play and quickly skip the cut scene. You can track the time by section or the player’s progress trajectory, and compare it with other PS5 users or best time. You can also provide a leader board to see how speed you are. All parts of the speed run mode were made with the famous speed runners. It seems to show high completeness as it is completed through their feedback.

Permanent death mode is also an updated mode in Part 2. In fact, many YouTubers thought they wanted to put them in this work while watching various reactions as they played the mode. Personally, it is a mode that has made a lot of investment, and it provides a new tension to the player in that once death is completely game over.

Q. What if there is a particularly improved or changed part of in-game?

Matthew : 2 of the infected people have been greatly improved. First of all, the stalker changed. The stalker was actually not much different from the runner, a general infected person in PS3 games for the same reason as memory restrictions and processing restrictions. In fact, many people did not know it. In this work, however, as in Part 2, the hand moves to the ground like a four-foot beast. The same is true of the rash. They can also use 3D audio to hear the sound coming from behind.

The blotter has also changed. In the second episode, the blotter detects the player and then rushes, which is also added to this remake. In the first part, more blotters appeared more than Part 2, and the attack to spit out poison was more powerful. If you go through the battle of gymnasium, a famous scene for fans, you can easily feel what’s changed.

In addition, the visuals of the infected people have been improved. Both fans will be able to experience much more fun.

Q. What was the hardest part of the remake process?

Sean : It was not easy to change the atmosphere of the space. In the case of dormitory or some combat spaces, there was a part that was limited to add something technically. For example, in the dormitory that appears on the story, it was not easy to fill the vision by filling with spores. It was difficult to make sunlight coming in the windows because of the already fixed spatial constraints.