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Which element is best used in Tower of Fantasy?

In Tower of Fantasy, you will face heartless enemies, but everyone has weaknesses. Everything rotates around the spontaneous damage with which your weapon applies, so it is very important to know which element is best used in battle. Your choice also depends on your battle style and whether you travel alone or with friends. Knowing what each element makes in Tower of Fantasy is necessary for success.

The best element for your weapon in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has four elements, and each weapon is focused on one of them. Each element not only causes a certain damage, but also imposes debuffs on enemies. So sometimes it is reasonable to use weapons with a certain part not because of pure damage, but because of its impact on the enemy. These tactical solutions are sometimes crucial, especially if you fight bosses such as the Minotaur in Tower of Fantasy.

Nevertheless, the spontaneous weapon is vital for solving points of study around Espery, and firearms have the greatest usefulness from all other types of weapons. The ice takes second place, but the presence of fire weapons in your group will help with a tedious replacement of simulacra.


All elements in Tower of Fantasy

Fire element in Tower of Fantasy

Fire weapons in Tower of Fantasy set fire to enemies for 8 seconds * when fully charged. During burning, they receive 58% damage per second. But what is often more important, at this time their healing is reduced by 50%, which is especially important for strong enemies that can treat themselves.

Ice Element in Tower of Fantasy

  • Although ice weapons are caused by certain damage, what does it do for a goal. The main advantage of the ice element is the ability to freeze the target for 2 seconds . This may seem a small amount of time, but in complex battles every second in the account. This weapon is best used when playing with other players to give them a chance to get out of a difficult situation or beat the enemy while it is defenseless.

Physical Element in Tower of Fantasy

  • Sometimes gross force is all you need. Types of weapons with physical elements cause severe damage and a critical wound for 7 seconds . In this state, each blow inflicts 20% more damage. This makes the physical element useful in most combat situations, since sometimes you do not have weapons with the right element.

Volta element in Tower of Fantasy

  • Weapons based on the Volt element are great for supporting other types of elements. Here, the main attention is paid to paralyze the enemy for 1 second and the removal of all the buffs that he has. In addition, the target cannot use buffs for 6 seconds after shock. Often use this type of weapon, even when you fight alone, as this can increase your chances against strong opponents.

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